How To Hire A Shopify Developer: Everything You Need To Know

The business situation of ecommerce has completely changed as products are being showcased by the retailers online instead of brick-and-mortar stores. Such ecommerce stores in which aesthetics and functionality merges are needed now. That is where Shopify comes in as it offers excellence and effectiveness with simplicity and rich features.

What Shopify Is Great For?

Products or services that require the least amount of configuration must try Shopify. Depending upon your business requirement, you can sell a single product or adopt an advanced Shopify homepage section to sell multiple products. This eventually grows your ROI and improves your business revenue.

Why You Should Hire A Shopify Developer?

Getting your product-market fit right, sourcing products, handling inventory, and developing a marketing strategy are some of the many things that you need to do while starting an ecommerce business. Hire an expert to manage the development side of the business if you lack the developing experience. It can save you time to concentrate on other components of your business.

Shopify developers are experts only in web development for Shopify websites. They have exclusive understandings and development experience than the developers lacking specialization of working on Shopify projects. They know the way Shopify operates, and have a vast understanding of payment gateways, navigation, inventory systems, and checkout process.

They are familiar with all the best practices concerning web development and can guarantee that your website works perfectly on any device. A developer will ensure that your website sticks to the newest industry trends, and also help you put into operation any feature you need to launch, handle, and boost your business. Even if you are ambiguous about what you want, an experienced developer can use their expertise and figure out the right way out.

You can make your site look as well as function the way you want with the help of a page building Shopify app like Shogun which will save you some money. However, you’ll require the services of a professional Shopify developer if you want a highly customized functionality or long-term site maintenance.

What To Look For In A Shopify Developer?

Hire a Shopify developer that is using version control, knows everything about platform’s API, as well as PHP and JavaScript.

In addition to these basic requirements, hire a developer having:

  • Excellent Communication Skills: The status of your project should be available to you at any time. You don’t want to hire sluggish developers that respond to your messages after days or weeks pass.  A good developer will form a timeline, milestones so that you have a good idea of what you can expect to be completed and when.
  • An Amazing Portfolio: Your developer should have worked on many Shopify projects for ecommerce businesses in your industry. Check out some websites in their portfolio and you liked or disliked about them. Don’t forget to check the load speed, functionality, and accessibility features of the websites.
  • Testimonials From Satisfied Customers: Look for developers that have a decent number of testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. If a developer has testimonials from businesses in your industry, that’s even better.

Benefits Of Shopify For Creating An Online Store For Your Business:


1. Easy To Setup And Use

Shopify is easy to set up and use. It provides the software and hosting that is required for launching the website. The user interface is appealing and the admin interface is perceptive and accessible.

2.Visually Appealing Online Store

The platform has many professional templates using which you can make exclusive and visually attractive online stores. Developers can work on the themes to develop a store with rich UI and exceptional UX.

3. App Integrations

It can be integrated with apps easily as it has amazing customization abilities. You can easily add features and functionalities to the store and improve its performance.

4. Security and Reliability

Shopify offers security and reliability. An online business deals with personal and commercial information of the customers which makes security important. Likewise, it needs to be available online. This hosted solution provides both of these features with upgrades and maintenance.

5. Excellent Loading Speed

Shopify is a globally hosted solution, as it offers a dependable set-up along with improved hardware and software. Due to this, the loading speed of this platform is super-fast and the e-commerce made on it load instantly.

6. Powerful Marketing Tools


Shopify is a comprehensive platform providing the marketing edge as well. Features related to SEO with advanced e-commerce analytics are offered in the basic version. Marketing tools including custom gift cards, discount coupons, store statistics, targeted email marketing, and more are also offered by Shopify.

7. Mobile Responsiveness

The number of mobile shoppers is continuously growing which makes mobile responsiveness a crucial feature for an e-commerce store. Mobile-optimized stores can be availed using the mobile responsive Shopify themes.

8. Outstanding Customer Support

Shopify provides dependable and 24/7 customer support. The experts are available round the clock through email, live chat, or phone answering queries so that the store always runs perfectly.

9. Easy Payment

A safe and dependable payment gateway is always a challenge for any online retailer. Have a payment service that lets customers use various payment options. Store owners can set up payment gateway easily using Shopify.

10. SEO Friendly

After setting it up, you need to make your store search engine friendly. SEO is essential for your store to be easily accessible by customers looking for your products. Shopify advances the capacity to design landing pages for the campaigns and supports SEO parameters such as custom title tags and meta tags.

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