5 Ways to Build Facebook Relationships

Facebook CommunityFacebook marketing could very well define the next 10 years of your web marketing plan. That’s a pretty big statement, but you can reach more buyers with Facebook right now than any other medium. It does depend on your business, and the kinds of relationships you build. So how do you build relationships through Facebook? Here are few tips to help you focus on building strong relationships.

Step 1: Make Contact
First, you start using Facebook, even if your buyers are not. Why? Someone you know, whether it’s in the work place or a friend or a loved one, is on Facebook. Make contact with these people. Start networking. If you’re a B2C business, it’s essential you engage your buyers in many ways. Why? So they’ll remember you. You want a big following. You should try to get as much free advertising out of Facebook without damaging relationships by spamming.Step 2: Look Friendly
Have a fun picture for your Facebook profile. Some social experts have pictures in a suit. Others show more life, such as pretending to be superman, taking off the glasses and revealing the cape underneath (comics have a life of their own on Facebook). These pictures are fun. There is nothing wrong with being professional, but even Fortune 500s can show a lighter side with Facebook and have some fun.

Step 3: Give Value

The best way to capitalize on a big following is not to “spam” all your followers. Spamming only hurts you. Spamming is posting 25 times about the same thing, or being generic, or only selling. Give your followers value. Help them. Show them how your product can help them. Give them something to think about.

Step 4: Post
You should get active on Facebook, it will pay off. Post even about minor events. You might post you’re going to a conference, come back three hours later and have some fresh news to report on what happened. You might note what book you’re reading. Some consider personalizing your messages to be a mistake, but if you want to build relationships it’s required.

Step 5: Look At The Bad Guys
Finally, look over your competitors Facebook pages, check out who’s following them, and do your best spy act (it’s likely they are spying on you too). You can learn how they’re building relationships, if they have a loyal following or are just spamming, and how you might steal some of these buyers away. How can you steal buyers? You can focus on each relationship, building value, being personable and having some fun with your superman outfit.

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