10 Ways to Get Your Ecommerce Customers Back for a Repeat Purchase

Ecommerce businesses have become highly competitive where ad impressions, clicks, and conversions play an important role in inviting customers to your site. However, it is often asked by businesses, how to get the ecommerce customers make a repeat purchase? This post is the answer to all those businesses. Stay with us as we tell you ways to bring your customers back, make another purchase and establish lasting relationships with them.

1. Utilize Customer Accounts

With the help of customer accounts, you can make repurchasing swift easy by deflecting past orders and providing the pre-filled shipping data. However, if a new customer visits your site, customer accounts can look as a huge commitment and time-consuming for them. You can tackle this problem in an efficient manner and encourage customer accounts while by presenting the option to make an account once the first order is made or sending them direct invitations. You can also hire our ecommerce agency in San Diego who can help you to utilize customer accounts for repeat purchases

2. Implement a Customer Loyalty Program

Another method to enhance conversions and develop a loyalty membership to your ecommerce site is by rewarding the customers for the shopping they have done. When they come for their second purchase, you can present them with reward points. This can be done by using the store reports and also with the help of automated loyalty apps.

3. Send Regular Customer Newsletter Emails

The email list can play a vital role in establishing as well as supporting customer relationships. It has been observed that over the years, one of the most converting channels for ecommerce is email, even more than social and organic search. An email marketing campaign is fast, can be sent to all the customers and produce high profits.

4. Surprise & Delight Your Customers

If you send a small gift to your best customers varying on your niche, product mix and margins, you are not only reminding them to visit your site again but also giving them an element of surprise! It works as a delightful gesture and creates positive action from customer’s side.

5. Reach out, Post Often and Connect on Social Media

Social media plays an important role in establishing relationships with the customers. Always keep in mind that people who like your brand will also do so on social media. Among them are the loyal customers as well as the brand ambassadors who wait to know more about your product offerings and ads. Make sure to connect with them on social media by posting as much as you can.

6. Offer a Discount or Credit to Return

Providing discounts is an effective method of bringing the customers back to your site but at the same time make sure that you are not compromising with your margins and business. Also, you can provide credits to the customers on a return as credits make them happy.

7. Implement Right Place, Right Product, Right Time Emails

In order to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, make sure that you know the lifespan of your product. Make sure to send out well-timed emails to bring back your customers when you know that the product is perishable, consumable or requires refreshing. Here, an experienced online marketing company can help you to reach customer expectation.

8. Suggest Other Products to the Customers

Share the customers with your insights and suggest other products that they may be interested in. When the customer comes back to your website, these suggestions can be displayed in forms of marketing platforms, targeted ads or on the landing page.

9. Show Love to Your Repeat Customers

It is essential to display tour appreciation and love to those customers who come back to your website. You can do this by sending a thank you email or note, a special discount or an early invitation of the next product release.

10. Ask for Feedback

Having feedback from your customers can be a great way of improving. Mostly, people who are immensely happy or dissatisfied with the product are the ones who post a feedback. By having this data, you can improve upon your shortcomings and make sure that the customers who were unhappy are satisfied.

Keep the above mentioned points in mind because an ecommerce website is not successful only on the basis of conversions but bringing those customers back to make a repeat purchase is equally important.

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