Mobile Apps Development

We have designed, developed, launched and performed online marketing successfully for mobile app projects for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Phone. We have much experience in all aspects of mobile app software including Project Management, Concept Design, Wireframing, Initial Design, Back-end Development, API, Web Services and much more. Please contact us for your mobile app project.

We Specialize In

Apple iOS App Development

We are an iPhone/iOS application development company which can implement your complex requirements skillfully. We have catered to clients for all sorts of iOS/iPhone application development solutions. We focus on on quality along with the timely project delivery.

Google Android App Development

Our Android app development team is skilled at developing for Android Devices including phones, tablets and phablets.

We optimize the design of the application based on your requirements so that the user experience in the application is personalized and has a minimal learning curve.

Mobile App Marketing

So you’ve made your idea into a great app — what next? The market is flooded with great apps, but we specialize in turning them into successful business ventures. Leveraging our expertise in the field of Internet Marketing and SEO, we have built a record of successful app launches.

Our team can not only ensure that you will get great, user-friendly interface design and development but will also help you market your app, drive engagement, improve retention and get revenue from online advertising, subscriptions, downloads or in-app purchases. Our background in eCommerce is highly suitable for your app to gain sales and customers.

From back-end-as-a-service to secure cross-platform development to testing and company-process adoption, we can bring your mobile enterprise innovation to life. Let’s solve business problems, improve old-school systems, open up new opportunities and make YOU look good. Our mobile strategists, designers and engineers know the app development business inside and out — so you get results that matter. What application can we create for you?

Our Mobile App Services

This step is essential as it can make or break your app. Before designing or coding anything we provide our foremost attention to the app strategy.
Our experienced app designing experts create the lively user interfaces while adhering to the latest design guidelines. Our developers employ custom coding for the desired app development. We have build apps from small businesses to large corporations in almost any vertical.
We are always at your service until your app is released. We don’t stop operating.
Our experts have a deep insight of app discovery and therefore, they create effective app marketing strategies for your app to become a financial success.
To maximize your ROI, we provide conversion of your mobile apps and games to other platforms.

Mobile App Development Process

The first stage is to find your genre, budget and marketing effort. In the beginning it is planned where the app will be going; pure information, a game, interactive, etc.
In order to go through the details, you need to invest lot of time or getting a person who can translate Programmer to Civilian and vice versa. This step also requires going through each and every screen and knowing the interaction of all parts of the app.
In order to design and create apps one usually requires a team of people. The nice thing about this is that the designer can be graphics, print, web, etc. Design is important and it can also make or break an app.
Once your app is ready, your developer will help you to get the app eventually out there. Once your app is in the store, you can check the analytics such as the number of downloads, how much money you are making, etc.

Why Choose PROS for Mobile App Development?

How our client-oriented solutions are profitable?

Successful Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is the most important step during the launch of an app in the market. Start marketing your app as it is vital and you could be successful if your app made it to the top apps in the app store. Make or design wondrous videos or trailer about your app and share it with your audience. A video speaks more than text. Be creative will making videos for it because your innovations here can do wonders. Advertising can either reach consumers through personal computers or their mobile devices themselves.

Platforms and App Ecosystems to Consider:

The percentage of Android and iPhone OS mobile apps is 90% out of all mobile apps in the mobile market.  Three factors are acknowledged before choosing which platform to inform the developer to build a mobile app for such as considering what features to include in the app, budget and project requirements.

If you are contemplating a native application, then you or a developer must build the same app again and again for every platform such iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.  One good reason for building a native application is because you are familiar with device’s unique operating system.

The usual choices for app ecosystems are between iOS, Android, and Windows.  Consider four factors for an app ecosystem including features of the app, strategy of monetization, brand, and audience. For instance, iOS has a potentially wealthier reach and great development tools and support.  Android has a more open platform.

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