15 Content Types That Can Drive More Traffic to Your Websites

Content writing involves many parameters other than writing. It involves content marketing, launching your blog and the craft of producing good content. To keep things interesting and to ensure that you have content that will get more traffic, make sure to add new types of content. Keep it fresh, targeted for greater conversion rates and improved search engine optimization (SEO).

Here are some ideas you can use for your blog to churn up new content regularly.

1)    Infographics:

Infographics is a visual image such as diagram or a a chart used to represent data or information. Infographics are a great way to communicate ideas because a picture is worth a thousand words. When you combine words and pictures, the effect is long lasting and instantaneous. As per statistics, infographics are viewed and shared more than other normal content types. Studies have always shown that infographics generate almost thrice the amount of traffic than other posts. Either hire a graphic designer to create an infographic for you or you can use Visual.ly, which is helpful though expensive.


2)    Meme:

 Meme is an idea, action or style which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via internet or wireless services while imitating the concept. Memes are easy to make and they go viral in no time. These are always funny and people love them. Humor is a great way to reach an audience and making memes do not require graphic designing skills. You can use Meme Generator and Quick Meme to add your text to existing meme images. They are made for social networks like Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit.

3)    Videos:

Video marketing is done on various subject. There are scores of videos online but any good video can be made to communicate your message concisely and remarkably well. If done well, a video can reach thousands and even millions of people. Whatever be the subject of your video, make sure the script is right. Remember the words are as important as the moving picture. Upload your video on YouTube and Vimeo for a great sharing experience. Keep the length small, a few minutes and the picture quality good.

4)    Guides:

A guide is quite detailed and hence, a long content. It is bigger and longer than a normal blog post. Use some great visual ads for them to keep your audience interested. A guide requires the collaboration of a good writer, designer and a superb idea. The content should be top-notch with an attractive presentation. Make sure the idea is interesting and upload a PDF file for download as well.

5)    Book Reviews:

Books reach many people, so book reviews are a great way to attract traffic. Recommend the books you love, start a discussion on those you are not so sure about and analyze those you do not like. Share your thought and encourage your readers to share their also. Keep it short and sweet. Use few sentences each for introduction, summary, what you liked, what you didn’t like and so on.

6)    Opinion:

The tone of this content differs from your ordinary posts. Opinions are, invariably, more expressive and animated. The stronger language you use, the more it will be read by your readers. Take up a topic or an issue and then give your take on it. Try to address popular topics so that there are greater chances of shareability. Be civil and polite while writing. Remember you are giving your opinion, not flogging anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

7)    Product Reviews:

Review a product, especially a new or popular one especially for ecommerce websites using an extension for your ecommerce platform such as Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Bigcommerce and others. Start with a well-known one to gain the respect of bloggers, manufacturers and people. Just share what you experienced while using the product and your thumbs up or down. Introduce the product, summarize its functions, pros and cons and your views. A good example is Amazon, which is the largest publisher of product reviews and has gained traffic for product reviews that help convert into product sales.

8)    How-To’s:

The how-To’s are one of the most searched types of content on the web. How-to posts and articles are often helpful and offer enormous search potential. Start with a common problem, introduce it, then outline the solution, point out each solution step, and then end with a discussion. The explanation should be thorough with pictures, videos or diagrams.

9)    Lists:

Lists are very popular among bloggers as well as readers. They attract attention and grip you from the get go. Every magazine or blog has hundreds of List- type posts. Start with a topic, then pick out your favorite number and then fill them up. Introduce your topic and then your points. End the article with a conclusion and keep the article detailed.

10) Links:

Link Pages are used to provide links to impressive resources in the web. They acknowledge other sites, which in turn provide your site with better On-Page & Off-Page SEO. It is just a page of links with the title of the article hyperlinked. Add a small introductory paragraph for each link in your link page to make your presence felt.


11) eBook:

eBooks are found in many formats and most often downloaded before read. They may be free or otherwise. If you write and publish an eBook on your field, you have established your authority and shared your knowledge with others at the same time. An eBook should have enough words to be called an eBook, may be 10,000 words or more. Chapter your contents and divide those into parts related to a specific topic. Get a great title and cover for your eBook to attract more people into reading it.

12) Case Study:

Case studies are a great way of telling people what your service or product can do for them. You share an example where your service or product helped a client. It offers the what, how and the results of what you do. Your case study should contain a summary, preview of the result, challenges and their solutions, conclusion and a plan to get the same results.

13) Podcast:

Podcasts are popular and a great form of your message. They are easy to create and distributed. Get a decent microphone and learn some technical know-how. When publishing your podcast, have your content accompany it. Announce it in your blog and add some discussion on the topic. Later, publish a transcript of the podcast for better values of SEO.

14) Interview:

Interviews are a great way to generate interest in your blog and your field. Take interviews of experts and peers in your field. This will get you recognition and respect from others. It also brings in huge amount of traffic. Start the interview with an introduction of the interviewee, and then introduce the topic. Ask good questions and record the answers. Think on your feet and adapt to the different points that come up in any discussion. Conclude and ask the views of your audience.

15) Research:

Research and share your results to garner traffic, trust and recognition. Establish your authority in your field with your research and publish your findings with ample proof. Find a good topic, research it and then present it well. Use numbers, percentages, graphs, and more to prove how you reached your conclusion.


There are many options to choose from when looking for an engaging way to present your content and increase your traffic. Use different types of content for better marketing. Your content should speak to your audience, and engage them to share, comment and like your posts. Tap the potential of great content available for your use to reach the next level.


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