5 Bad SEO Practices Ecommerce Businesses Need to Avoid

If you own an ecommerce website and are looking for the search engine optimization (SEO) firm, the process can be long as it is increasingly becoming difficult to set the good SEO agencies apart from the bad ones. In case you are looking for the right SEO experts, the search starts with you. You must set clear goals, get multiple bids, examine predictors of the future, and listen to stories–that’s how you make sure to hire the right SEO firm. Apart from this, it is important that you pre-decide what you need, get case studies, multiple consultations, and references. However, your best course for support is to identify the signs that a bad SEO brings about. There are some SEO practices that can be recognized while the process of interview is taking place. Thus, it can reveal the real fraud that earlier seemed as a prospective partner. Here are five such practices to keep an eye on.

  1. A Vague, Undefined Strategy:

When you select an SEO partner, their disguise will be washed away in the very first step, when they present you an SEO strategy that is both weak and undefined. In today’s market, having an effective SEO strategy demands a blueprint for success. It is very necessary to have everything properly defined, framed and executed. You should also know the sort of features of SEO that will be focused upon, what keywords will be targeted and how the allocation of limited resources will be done. When you approach an SEO service provider and they are unable to explain their strategies, things aforementioned to you or if they insist that “we don’t want to give away our methods,” as some say, then you should know that it’s time you start searching for someone else.

As Forbes rightly says, “SEO isn’t the work of magic — every firm is playing with the same rules”.

  1. Rapid Spikes in Traffic

When you receive traffic on your ecommerce website all of a sudden, at first it can seem like a much-awaited SEO success. However, it is highly possible that your SEO service provider is perhaps using the fraudulent traffic in order to enhance the features of their services and make it look like they’re the reason for it. Traffic that is outsourced or fake can be easily purchased from overseas sources. But despite having such traffic, nothing will help in boosting your ROI. Thus, it is important that you look out for these hurdles, and if in case such things do happen then you must inform your SEO service provider to stop immediately and bring down all black hat SEO work to avoid Google penalties.


  1. Paid Links and Reviews

Almost always, paid links never work. However, that is not where it ends, for Google can recognize these paid links and your site can even be penalized. And when this happens, your SEO will only diminish because of it instead of improving. So is the case with reviews that are paid. If you have paid reviews, then it can end up having bad outcomes from the sites who were receiving those reviews in the first place. And in case you are caught, your SEO provider will be safe and it is you who will have to take all the blame and pay its price.

  1. Irregular Communication

In case you have problems when you communicate with your SEO partner, such as disturbance in contact, having unusual errors in communication or not having a contact for a long time, such signs can point out quickly if the SEO service provider is true or fake. A good SEO firm will provide you a clear point of contact; they will be prompt in replying to your queries and suggestions through phone, email or any sort of communication that is feasible to you.

  1. Guaranteed Results

When a person searches for SEO partners on the web, it is often seen that they look out for solid metrics or goals that the company guarantees to provide. This search parameter is understood by these SEO firms and in turn they use it to trap you in their illusion of high results. However, it does not work that way in actuality. Rather, you search out for the SEO experts who can provide you with their solid success stories from their previous assignments. This way you can get an idea of what they are actually capable of rendering to your business.

You should look out for bad SEO practices and straightaway eliminate any SEO partner who uses them. Conclusively, the main motto of SEO is to drive quality traffic to your site and it can be only achieved by operating with an experienced SEO firm who while utilizing the real SEO tactics will not assist you to boost your website traffic but also save you from Google penalties.

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