5 Simple Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Business in 2014

The marketplace in 2014 is not a physical one — not only are many transactions conducted online, but also many consumers experience the entire process from the first encounter to the actual sale entirely via the web.

Due to the ever-present flux of the market, pervasive Internet time, and the availability of constant commerce, the latest trends for ecommerce are evolving. Make the upgrade along with the market and keep up with the conversation by minding your online presence, social media strategies, and product image.

The latest trends in eCommerce are based on two basic principles: Internet time and likability. People remember how you make them feel about what you’re selling, and with the constant availability of the online market, there’s many chances to influence and communicate with your audience. Check out these five easy ways to take advantage of the Internet marketplace and increase sales.



1. Plan Product Timelines:

Organize your marketing schedule with relevant considerations in mind. Pay attention to industry trends and news. Figure out what your audience needs, prefers and discerns important. Insert your marketing calendar into the mix of the market and the concerns of your consumers. Respond to holidays, seasons and buying reports.

2. Know Your Audience:

Speaking of your audience, know who you’re marketing to! Just as it’s important to play to your niche as it fits into your industry, it’s also crucial to pinpoint where your consumers are located — who buys your product? In order to effectively promote and sell your business online, it’s necessary to have a thorough understanding of where your clients map out in the websphere.

3. Create your own content:

In order to direct traffic to your website, you need to be in control of the main information available about your business. You should be publishing your own website and keeping track of traffic. In order for users interested in buying a product, you need to be high on the listing of a search result of your industry.

Publishing original content is a great way to increase the reach of your business. Not only should you be the publisher of your website, you should also upload information that pertains to you and your business specifically. Blog posts, company news and product updates are all regular content that you should be publishing with frequency.

4. Email Marketing: 

Email Marketing is a great way to reach your contacts. Compile a list of clients, sales partners, prospects and media. Periodically send out curated news about your company to keep your business relevant and in mind with information such as product releases, awards, and press releases. Group emails are also important when promoting events or future lines.

5. Social Media Marketing: 

Take advantage of social networks. Your presence on social media websites is an easy increase in your brand names reach (it also directs traffic back to your homepage). Not only that, but you can interact with your audience in a variety of direct or general ways. Take opportunities to communicate with your target group of consumers as a whole, and don’t miss out on chances to directly interact with your customers.

These five tips will help you keep up with marketing your business online in 2014 and help you lay a foundation for success in the future. The key to the online market is coverage — spread your message often and in a variety of ways to accelerate your business.

About Author:

Megan Ritter is an online business journalist with background in media marketing. In addition to researching eCommerce trends and sharing her tips, her writing also covers business communications, the impact of globalization on the global economy, and developing business technology.

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