6 Open-Ended Questions That Will Help You Create Better Content on Your Blog

“Content is king” means creating content that is fresh, unique, engaging, informative and most importantly relevant. This will get quality targeted traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This is also reinforced by the recent Google Panda & Penguin SEO algorithms that recommend require adding value through unique content. The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post and Huffington Post have really high engagement since their content is up-to-date and of very high quality.


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Here are six Open-Ended Questions that will Help You Create Better Content on Your Blog:

Question 1: What Are Your Readers Looking for?

To be able to write about what people want is an art. Companies and marketers who know the subtleties of customer support say that their achievement is by “listening attentively” to their users. Before you can successfully convert blog readers into customers, you have to know what they’re looking for. When asking questions to your readers you have to go broader instead of narrow. There are several ways to find out what your readers are looking for or what they want actually. Among them, surveys are the most swift and easy, and give good results. Apart from surveys through live chats you can tell about your readers demand. This will give your readers the platform to talk with you and get their questions answered.

Question 2: What Level of Competition is in My Niche?

A competitive audit is critical to your business. Today there are 31% more bloggers than there were three years ago. When you find out what your competitors are doing, it can guide your efforts. Possessing a much more mature and deeper understanding of your competitors can assist you to make good blog posts from which your readers will benefit from.

The level may vary, but no industry, blog, or marketer is left out from competition. So the question arises, what are you going to do about the competition in your niche?  With all the benefits that competition brings, if you’re not aware your gate you might not reap any of them if you don’t know your competitors. So let’s begin by finding sites that are similar to yours, because there’s every chance that your web pages will be competing against theirs in the search engines.

Question 3: Do My Readers Trust My Brand?

You have to work on your brand really hard in order to achieve all of the desired goals. You have to well organize your hard work, and drive trust to your brand. The moment your blog posts are useful, customer satisfaction is sure to follow. With that, your readers will no longer need persuasion.

Question 4: How Do I Get My Posts Shared?

This open-ended question holds vital significance. If your posts are not shared, it doesn’t matter how much time you spent to research and write it.

Increasing your social shares isn’t reserved for top digital marketing brands, it regulates on you as well even if you’re a small business owner. Hardcastle Social Media has this tip for you: “First, if you want people to share your post, then you have to make it easy. You’ll make it a moot point that your social share buttons are noticeable and easy to click”.

Timing is equally important. You may perhaps look after all the rules above and submit the right content, but if you miss out on the precise timing, you may still work hard to get the most shares

Question 5: Are There Experts Who Will Be Interested in My Posts?

The moment you connect with experts, there are chances they can publicize your content on the top social media networks, thus getting good quality of traffic to your blog and leads to your business, assisting you to sell more of your products in the process and establish burst.

As a blogger and content marketer, you have to recognize there are experts who will be interested in your posts. But before you write any post that you intend to cross-promote or send to an influencer, you have to plan it out. If you’d like to visit any of the experts on twitter timeline, just click on the picture and you’ll be right there.

Question 6: What is My Value Proposition?

Don’t just start writing blog posts. You have to blend your content with your value proposition, if you want to stand out from the crowd and thrive in your business.

Having a clear value proposition can help you deliver your message to a wider and better audience.

Creating best value proposition:

  • Place a priority on your point of difference: This is the swiftest way to make a value proposition that will stand the passage of time. When creating yours, you need to have complete knowledge that your value proposition is the intersection between your offers, the marketplace offerings and what the customer needs.
  • Communicate value instantly: All of these value propositions can be found on the homepage and landing pages. While creating your blog posts your motto is to use your own value proposition. Testing will unearth new opportunities for delivering your message, becoming a good writer, and making influence with your blog. When you creatively write a blog post around your goal or value proposition because people will watch you, learn from you, and follow your advice, you’ll get a several email subscribers.
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