Best Cities for High Tech Start-Ups

Are you about to prepare for a tech related startup? If so, then you might want to reconsider the initial location of your particular startup interest in terms of cities that will provide you the most convenience possible in order to make your progression easier and more sustainable. You may think about ideas such as the average pay rate of that particular city or the rate of living within the city with reference to your current bank account. You want to make your startup as successful as possible, so you should definitely look beyond the horizons of overcrowded and too popular cities such as New York or San Francisco.  To help you choose an ideal city for your business, we’ve compiled a list of best cities that are perfect for your high tech startup:

1. Kansas City:

This should prove to be an extremely convenient location to launch your startup, simply due to its extreme low cost of living, which ultimately allows you to save your money in the long run! This means that new and innovative entrepreneurs could possibly begin their startup with little outside investment. Just for your added convenience, “Kansas City Startup Village” also exists within, which provides funding for new and exciting ideas! Not only this, but being recognised for its unique fountains and museums you’re sure to stay inspired and entertained, allowing you to maintain and sustain a healthy startup.

2. Boulder:

Enjoy weekends off exploring the stunning mountains located within Colorado, and remain fully inspired for your next great idea through locating your high tech startup in Boulder! Recent reports have indicated that Boulder is one of the most productive areas within the country based on gross domestic product (GDP). To assist you with your startup a “tech incubator” is conveniently located, by the name of TechStars  which provides professional mentors that can help your dream become a reality. In addition to all of this, the city has been ranked first for high-tech startup density, with an impressive six times the nationwide standard of tech startups per capita.

3. Austin:

If you’re into long strolls within picturesque parks and lakes then this is definitely the place for you! Apart from its beauty, Austin excels when it comes to startups. Statistics have indicated that startups in the Texas capital have received an incredible and impressive $620 million for simply funding in recent years, which was estimated as a total of 40 percent increase from that particular previous year. In addition to all of this, Austin hosts incubators such as the Capital Factory, which adds to your convenience by proving help such that you may be successful in launching your high tech startup. Not only does this stunning city hold a considerably lower cost of living, it also does not require individuals to contribute towards state income taxes, making Austin an awesome location for your high tech startup.

4. Nashville:

This nostalgic city can keep your ideas flowing through inspiration driven from the fascinating surroundings located within Nashville. A major Entrepreneur Centre that is partnered with Google to pair startups with incubators is also there in order to assist them in growing. This centre is known as the Jumpstart Foundry which guides you through a funding procedure. E.g. in the case of a selected health-care startup which would be paired with a mentorship program that will ultimately assist them in providing seed money that focuses specifically on health care. Approximately thirty-seven capable companies have employed the assistance of the Jumpstart program and have successfully raised approximately $23 million through follow-on capital. In addition to this Jumpstart explains how it also helps companies that are already established to regain their original essence. If nothing else, then this amazing company should definitely attract you to begin your high tech startup in Nashville, Tennessee!


Infographic Source: Techinfographics

5. Boston:

With the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (and Mark Zuckerberg’s place of graduation, Harvard) adjacent in Cambridge turning out tech graduates, Boston is one of the top tech cities in the United States. The city urges graduates to stay and tempts new ability with an Innovation District designed for high tech startups.

6. Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is the fast growing tech hub for startups. Snapchat and Tinder being among the successful apps have established their headquarters in Venice and West Hollywood instead of the San Francisco Bay Area, and other startups and investors are now following this suit. Starting from TaskRabbit, Uber, Lyft, Google Shopping Express, Amazon Same-Day Delivery to Seamless are some of the tech services already available in LA. SO if you want to see your business at highest within no time, then Los Angeles is the perfect place for you.

7. San Diego:

San Diego is famous for its beautiful beaches, attractions, laid back people and in fact the much better weather than city in the United States. Forbes recently mentioned San Diego as the best place in the United States for startups. “It’s no secret to San Diego’s entrepreneurs and startup community that San Diego is a great place to start a business,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer said. Being known as the America’s Finest City, San Diego is the best place for high tech startups.

8. St. Louis:

Known for keeping the promising tech talent within the city, St. Louis, the Hometown of Jack Dorsey is a preferred location for startups. St. Louis is an affordable place for accommodation when compared to other places. The city has seen a growth of 23.1 percent in tech jobs which is way better than any other city.

9. Houston:  

Houston being the U.S. energy capital and the home of Enron are enough facts to prove that it is the best city to start your business. There is a huge scope for startups if they are planning to start a business in oil, electricity or clean tech. Houston is a growing tech city with NASA and Johnson Space Center as its associative partners.

10. Philadelphia:

Being rich in history and blessed with the metaphor “City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia offers a lot of innovative work for startups. The city is busy with the tech news and community site for the services like Uber, Seamless and Amazon Same-Day Delivery.

11. Portland:

Popularly known as the Silicon Forest and famous for its eco-friendly residents, doughnuts, Portland represents a cluster of tech Companies. While making a quest for a local cuisine people can come with the next great startup idea. Some of the hottest Startups in Portland include Urban Airship, Chirpify, CPUsage, Cloudability, Simple, Puppet Labs and more.

12. Sacramento:

Sacramento and Microsoft have signed a digital alliance to provide workshops, training and events to urge young girls to enter the tech sector. There’s likewise a citywide push to top its present tech status, named Sacramento 3.0.

So, there you have it the top cities ideal for high tech startups that edge away from the excessively popular New York and San Francisco, where your initial startup idea could possibly become lost within the crowd.  If you’re still undecided you also could try experimenting with different cities until you determine which is the best suited to your high tech startup idea as well as your personality!

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