Best Sales Funnel Examples to Improve Your Ecommerce Website Conversion

Sales funnel is a set of steps intended to lead the visitors to the buying decision and are formed by online marketing assets that do the work of selling such as landing pages and email. In order for businesses to know the ways with which the funnel can be developed, they require a number of skills, strategic knowledge being the most prized. It will help in enhancing revenue as well. Businesses ought to have the skills to design their webpages so that they are able to convert maximum visitors. Sales copywriting can also be used to persuade visitors to take the action to opt in and finally buy. Technical knowledge is necessary for businesses so that it is possible to build the funnel and integrate it with your site as well as the payment gateway.

Be with us as we are going to tell you the best sales funnel examples to improve your e-commerce website conversion:

1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s sales funnel is remarkable with a great blog that continually posts good and unique content. Their sales funnel actually starts at their blog which indicates the incoming of their traffic is from inbound sources such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The blog posts have a clear call to action (CTA) at their bottom to drive visitors onto their email list.

Steps in Sales Funnel:

  • Traffic comes from the referrals, blog, organic and advertisements. At the bottom of their blog posts is a pop-up for a free 30-day trial which upon sign up for the email list will take you to their home page.
  • Homepage where email and password is required for next step
  • Pricing
  • Checkout form

2. Groupon

Even though Groupon has ceased to be a unique website, they are still a leading company that every month is able to connect with a huge number of consumers. On their site is an evident pop-up for email opt-in which catches the customer attention.

Steps in Sales Funnel:

  • Traffic comes from ads, affiliates, direct, email list, referrals and other
  • The homepage has a pop-up where the customer simply for signing up receives a coupon code on their first order
  • Internal homepage view offer details
  • Purchase form


Netflix tends to change its background image mostly depending on the promoted movies and shows. The strength of their website is its simplicity. Visitors are able to cancel anytime they wish without getting frozen on a certain step as there is a handy risk reversal present. Visitors also have the option of trying out their free for a month.

Steps in Sales Funnel

  • Homepage has a lot of focus on risk reversal and simplicity
  • Pricing Page – The pricing information is simple and customers can join for free for a month.
  • Signup Page
  • Billing Information is safe and secure with Norton antivirus and as it is believed to have the highest conversion rate


Basecamp constantly tries out new designs which are evident from their ever transforming homepage. They emphasize immensely on problem-solving and use a lot of visuals that includes high usage of animation and drawings.

Steps in Sales Funnel

  • Traffic from blog, PR and organic search
  • Homepage
  •    30-day free trial sign-up


Mixergy sells interviews and courses featuring the leading entrepreneurs. There is a Call to Action that provides a way to interviews by asking for the email address and it is from where their funnel starts.

Steps in Sales Funnel

  • Traffic comes from email list, organic, social media and referrals
  • Homepage
  • Content List (Blog-Roll Page)
  • Premium Content tells visitors that some content is restricted to members only
  • Pricing Page

Points to Keep in Mind to Ensure 100% Success

  • The different stages of a sales funnel vary from one business to another where some have a couple of steps; others may have as much as five steps. Furthermore, there are companies that have sub funnels that are divergent of the main funnel.
  • While designing your funnel, don’t hesitate to develop a big design move but at the same time, refrain from completely separating your visitors and remember to keep something familiar for them.
  • Before trying out a new sales funnel, make sure to A/B test. You can also know and work on your shortcoming by having user testing videos.
  • Keep your homepage message as simple as possible so that visitors understand it easily.
  • It is important to ensure the customer feel safe while they are checking out. You can make your check out page based on according to the design scheme that is followed by the rest of the site.

So keep an eye on the strategies followed by some of the best, highest-converting funnels on the web today and be prepared to design a high converting, million dollars sales funnel in order to ensure maximum success in your business.

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