Checkout Page Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Mobile commerce and ecommerce are growing and growing, and checkout pages are one of the most critical components of these businesses — they can really help you catch the wave of this mobile business boom. It must ensure the customer is comfortable, trust your website to make sure the checkout is smooth and easy. The ease of use on checkout page is the most crucial part of the transaction that will build a positive mindset towards your website and boost your conversion.

According to surveys based on research from Google, Yahoo! & Bing, 65% of shopping carts are abandoned at checkout stage due to various reasons. Everyone’s favorite usability study, has pre-checkout down to a fine art.  This cart page includes:

  • Details on the item added
  • Financing offer
  • Free shipping
  • Protection plan
  • Related accessories on one page

Business owners should keep one thing in mind i.e. if checkout page is not user-friendly, shopping cart abandonment and conversion rate drop abruptly.  Though you can increase conversion rates on your checkout page by providing your customers everything they are looking for so that they can make a confident decision.  Here are some important tips that you can use on your checkout page for higher conversion rates:

User-Friendly Interface- Web/App Design and Layout:            

Web design and layout of any eCommerce website are the factors where a customer decides whether to buy or not! Your website should have best shopping cart design like sufficient use of whitespace, clear description of different steps in the order process and these below mentioned checkout-boosting points to keep customers in the marketing funnel:

  • Visual checkout process for customers
  • Include checkout buttons both at top and bottom of the page
  • Add security seals and credit card logos
  • There should be an option for customers to shop from checkout page also
  • Color contrast between checkout/continue shopping button is necessary
  • After check out process, there should be an option for visitors to create an account
  • Allow customers to print or email their cart contents
  • For customers convenience, include “Add Products to Wishlist option or let they save their cart
  • Restrict use of popups
  • Include links to your shipping details, returns policy, privacy policy, live chat option and FAQs within easy reach of the checkout screen.
  • For customers, review your order last time before it is final.
  • mCommerce apps or websites should have an optimized checkout

Optimizing Product Details:

Your product details should be highly optimized and informative. Visitors should realize that they’ve ordered the right color/size and the combination of items.  Here are some of the factors which make the shopping cart experience incredible:

  • Include a product summary (including size, color, number, price)
  • Shipping methods mentioned on the checkout page
  • Let the user update quantity or remove from cart
  • Before checkout, recommend related products to your customers
  • Include contact info and order number for any queries
  • Show the final price to customer before checkout
  • Inform customers whether the product is in stock or available
  • Show pre-order availability
  • Include testimonials and product ratings
  • Include gift wrap/message options
  • Add product video also


Payment and Shipping:

Besides payment and shipping options, some other details like handling and tax details should be mentioned. Below are some important points explaining the best ways of payments and shipping:

  • Offer free shipping to your customers
  • in some cases, mention free shipping on fixed/particular orders or more
  • Provide multiple shipping and payment Options for the convenience of customers
  • Put the latest promo codes/deals directly on your checkout page
  • Mention the amount that customer saves
  • Mention estimated shipping date


Special Offers and Rewards: 

One of the best ways for the increase in conversion rates is offering rewards and special offers/deals to your customers. It can help you to build a customer base and increase sales. Here are some suggestions:

  • Promote product reviews in exchange for coupons or discounts
  • Giveaway complimentary samples with each order (e.g. Buy a hair dryer and get a shampoo free)
  • 24/7 customer care support
  • Provide financial assistance for high rate products (installments, Paypal – Bill me later)
  • Let visitors set up notification alerts
  • Offer gifts with Upsell

Hopefully, these checkout page tips will help you to attract more and more customers, streamline your website and increase your conversion rates and sales. Please contact us today or call us now at 619.567.9322 to know more about checkout page tips and tricks.  


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