Content is King and is The New Currency

Content is known to be the new currency and is shared between people of common interests & goals. As in today, you can buy some impressions by spending some money but definitely you can’t buy organic visibility or you can’t convert those impressions that you have bought by spending money into social conversions. But today organic traffic leads the market and can earn you a lot of money. We are at a stage in the internet world where content is known to be the new currency and also the key to success.


Here are 5 reasons for which content is considered as the new currency:

1) Content means something beyond the data it contains. Just like a traditional currency, it can be shared and exchanged with others to acquire additional knowledge.

2) In past, financial transactions used to buy status and now content buys earned trust.

3) In the sharing economy, content utilitarian exchange is used to create bonds.

4) Content creates equity similar to stocks and bonds. If you have more knowledge about your brand you can surely create more business. This expertise is presented in the form of content.

5) Content acts as a catalyst because it creates an exchange between people with common interests & goals.

The dominance of the web and the human behavior has turned content into a new, increasingly important, currency. Think about it for a second: the web allows for informational exchange—transactions, if you will. In the past, these transactions took place when you went directly to a destination. However in 2013, most of us live in the here and now of the “feed”—our home for content discovery.

The variety of content blogs are now trending on the web and some of them are also earning a lot for bloggers. For example: one can use web networks for exchange of information and for transactions as well. In past times, you had to go somewhere directly to make the transactions. Things are done very fast with the help of web networks now and this is the reason for which people can make every second of their lives useful.


Sharing of economy is based on two fronts. One is sharing of information which is like the sharing of things or services. The other is the sharing of information that is packaged and presented as content including videos, images, leadership, utility or any other things that allows us to begin any conversation and engage other people into that conversation.

With the information exchange technology and social contents, the unknowns are also getting noticed. The technology is breaking all the barriers that lie between the brands and the customers.

Sharing is the root of all social connections. It is because; the shared contents help us to connect. This connection helps us to engage other people into that content. No doubt that this engagement helps us to build up relationships with people that is going to transform into loyal readers and built trust for the author. In the industrialized society, people were bound to believe what is told in the advertisements on TV, magazines and radios. Now, in the era of technology, anyone can talk about everything using variety of content. Human as a social elements needs to spur connection to concur in the world. Content is the stimulants that helps to spur that connection.






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