The most effective and powerful method to connect with your customers and address their concerns is marketing. However, there is a lot to do and even understand about marketing which can make it a bit overwhelming. Nowadays websites, email newsletters, print ads, and social media are considered just basics.

  • ‘Financial services’ worldwide digital advertising expenditure is expected to nearly double between 2012 and 2017 to reach $168.4 billion’. (Base Element)
  • Social media and display advertising will make up 37% of digital marketing spend by 2021. (Webstrategiesinc)
  • Online advertising will reach $329 by 2021,that is 49% of all global ad spend. (Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts)
  • Fintech brokerage firm Robinhood launches a free checking and savings product that will pay a whopping 3% interest on deposits. (Econsultancy)

Marketing for financial institutions figures out who uses your financial products, what products are used and why. In short, it explores your customer base. In 2019, you have to answer to your customer’s changing needs using data-driven metrics. You have to stay relevant to appeal to new consumers and for that, you need to leverage your marketing.

Reinforce your existing strategies to maintain your edge, lead digital marketing and adopt new technology to provide the latest services. Below are some of the marketing ideas for financial institutions.

Focus On “Micro-Moments”