Google Fred Ranking Update Shakes the SEO World

The latest Google Fred update has turned the attention of entire SEO industry as it is going to penalize content driven sites that are flooded with ads and use the driving ad revenue that ends up troubling the users while they are seeing the content. Overall, it targets the low-value content sites with backlinks that are inconsequential and spammy.

The purpose of Google Fred update is to aim more of the link quality aspects of the overall algorithm. The content of any website that only focuses on creating backlinks will fall down in SERPs. Continuing with its tradition of using animal figures (like Penguin & Panda) for its updates, this time Google has used a fish for Fred update.

Features of Google Fred Algorithm Update

It has been observed that the Google Fred update emphasizes immensely on the link quality and it is evident from the comments of people that links with high quality are having the best time by this particular update as compared to the ones who have lower quality links. Even spam links can consequent in bringing down the rankings of a website.

Quality is the key of this update because Google wants to make sure that the websites that are getting ranked at the highest level should do justice to their rankings. Their content should have quality so that the users receive the most appropriate website that is associated and relevant to their search.

In order to make sure that your website rankings don’t get affected by a link quality update like Fred, you must remember that it is important to have backlinks and citations in your site. Backlinks and citations that are of high quality can help your site to get good rankings as well as traction. If your website has any sort of spammed or bad quality backlinks, your website will be considerably hampered by it and your rankings will go low.

Although the content sites have been immensely impacted by the Google Fred update, the updates from Google also assist the online marketers to stay on the same page with the present trends and market on the online platform as successfully as possible.

If the online marketers are in accordance with the guidelines set by Google and are performing technically correct actions, then you can maintain your search engine ranking and not get them lowered. Also, there are elements that can be worked upon so that the overall quality of the site can make better.

Presented below are the tips that you must consider if you need to guard your site against the future link algorithm update or in case the rankings of your website have been affected after the Google’s Fred update was rolled out:

  • Make sure that you give priority to quality over quantity. Do not focus on the total number of links, instead keep in mind that it is important to have a good quality of backlink.
  • If you want to stand ahead of your competition by generating valuable backlinks, then make sure to get your business mentioned in a local business directory, local news site, government website, or charitable website.
  • Always keep in mind to refrain from employing automated tools or bots in order to generate backlinks.
  • Bypass using link pyramids/link exchange/paid links
  • Ensure that the backlink is indeed related to the context of your site because relevance provides immense value to every link.
  • Your anchor text diversity is paramount and you must create a natural anchor text cloud that incorporates the brand name, URLs, generic words and business keywords.

Keep in mind the above points and focus on quality content because it can save you from Google penalty and can help you to get better results in search engine rankings. If you are hit by Google Fred Alogirthm Update, we can help you to get back on the track. Contact us for a FREE consultation now!


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