High Converting Call to Action Phrases

Call to action or CTA phrases are actually words that are very important and can dramatically increase your ecommerce website conversions. CTA is an attractive image or strong line of text that prompts your visitors, consumers or leads to take action. In simple words, it’s a ‘call’ to take an ‘action.’ Writing a strong call to action phrase is an art and science. It is important to learn and understand why some ‘call to action phrases’ are more effective than others.

Landing Pages are the perfect place to use call to action phrases. CTA plays an important role for a successful landing page.  It’s the page of your website on which visitors arrive at after clicking on a particular link. It can be your homepage, or any other page in your site.

When creating a call to action phrase, you’re trying to tap into the reader’s mind and emotions, and get them to take an action such as purchase a product, provide a feedback or subscribe to your website. As a marketer, how you connect to your audience and formulate phrases is going to influence the actions of your customers accordingly.

The common mistake that most online businesses make is that they mainly focus on the products or services they are offering without calling readers to take some action based on the benefits that they would receive from signing up to your website or purchasing a specific item. You most convey value proposition to a reader in a clear and concise manner.

Knowing how to use the right call to action words comes with practice and patience. You most convey value proposition to a reader in a clear and concise manner. You also have to focus on the context because the same catch phrase might not work in every situation. The more you can personalize your call to action phrases, the better. Research has shown that personalization improves conversion rates by 42%, so your chances of engaging customers increase greatly.

Offering product guarantees is also a good thing but you need to back it up with some proof. Recently, this term has been used misleadingly by some retailers, so users are more cautious than before. You need to build their trust through positive word of mouth or previous track record to make sure that they will receive what is promised. E.g. Domino’s Pizza applied this strategy quite effectively by promising delivery in 30 minutes or less, otherwise the customer would get a free pizza next time. This tactic helped the company in becoming the largest pizza chain in the world.

How to Make Your Call to Action Successful – Infographics:


Infographic Source: websitemagazine

Limited time offers is another way to get the attention of customers. People are normally more attracted by limited time offers & deals, and make more purchases than they would do in ordinary days. Amazon exploits this strategy best by creating a sense of urgency and scarcity through their amazing lightning deals. You have to find spots where you can offer such deals and use persuasive catchy phrases to get the customers to take necessary actions.

Your action does not always have to be a button; it can be in the form of graphics or hyperlinks as well. However, the ‘click button’ is the most common option, and users are more familiar with it. You can use these options to direct a reader to add a product to their shopping cart, sign up for a free trial or download your brochure.

You call to action button text should be clear and provide specific rationale for the visitors to complete the shopping deal or offer. It needs to communicate clearly what will happen when the user clicks the button. Here are some of the important tips to improve your call to action phrases:

Create Contrast

Create buttons that contrast in size and color, and won’t be missed out by the online shopper. You can try different shapes as well and experiment with the design to see which graphic stands out more and complements the entire layout of the page.


Use First Person in Your CTA

It sounds a bit strange but using first person is more likely to engage the reader and get their attention. Words like ‘Give me’ or ‘Reserve my’ sound more catching than simple phrases in the third person form.


Discounts and FREE Trials/Offers

FREE shipping is often given by online businesses to lure consumers. Online consumers are more attracted to items that come with free shipping because it gives them the feeling that they are saving something. Use Freemium to offer a FREE trial of your product or service. If you’re offering something free, make sure it gets noticed so users can become more interested in your product. You can highlight it with a specific caption or an impressive image which indicates that the offer is free to take. You can also use direction cues such as arrows or graphics leading to the free item to catch the eye of the user.



Limited Selection

When given a lot of options to select from, readers are likely to choose none. A simple singular call to action generally produces more conversion results than multiple choices offered. If you have to build multiple offers into your page, make sure the preferred items get more weights than other choices through the use of captions or action phrases.


Generate Leads with Landing Pages

Attract visitors through call to action phrases and turn them into leads. You can do this through a blog, a side post, a banner and in fact with great landing pages. The best way to ensure that your website accomplishes its goal is to customize and optimize the landing page in a way that it is a good match to what your visitors are looking for.


Social Sharing

Using social networking sites to share your website links is a great way to attract consumers and get them to your product page. You can connect with people through Twitter or Facebook and motivate them with great call to action phrases to buy your products online.


Promote an Event

You can use a local event to promote your sites through freebies or partnering with the event organizer to sell discounted tickets when a user clicks on your page.



Make The Products Exclusive

People want to have things that are exclusive and not available with everyone. You can introduce an element of exclusivity to your site through phrases such as ‘Members only’ or ‘Limited spots’ to generate greater traffic and improve your site conversion.


Contact Me

Whether it’s communicating through social media or blog comments, be sure to leave an option for customers to contact you directly. This will make your readers feel that you are ready to listen, and get them more active on your website.



Every successful business has implemented optimal call to action phrases for their products or services.  It’s important that your CTA is clear and concise to get maximum results with a landing page.


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