How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Ecommerce Businesses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can extensively benefit ecommerce businesses as well as the consumers in a number of ways. AI is a leading technology enhancing the creation of personalized shopping experiences. With the help of virtual buying assistants such as chatbots. AI can provide excellent customer service to shoppers. It will make the analysis of customer data for ecommerce businesses easy that will enable them to foretell shopping patterns of the customers in future. But that is not all. Stay with us to know more about the ways in which AI can benefit ecommerce businesses.

1. Audience is Open to AI

It has been noted in a research that customers are eager to know how AI will be used in retail and that 70 percent of US millennials would appreciate a brand or retailer having AI technology to display more engaging products. It has been gathered by 72 percent that with the technological advancements, businesses that are using AI will be able to correctly foretell what the customers require.

2. Retargeting Potential Customers

Omnichannel businesses are benefitting with the help of AI by able to remarket their products to customers. AI can be used to scan the images of shoplifters on CCTV cameras and dissuade them with the help of facial recognition. It has been noted that sales staff is unable to follow one-third of all the marketing leads which affects the business as you end up losing the potential customers who are interested in your website. Overload of unnecessary customer data is another drawback for companies. That’s why AI can be helpful for businesses to boost their sales cycle. Also with the development of AI, businesses can also display special offers to the customers based on their dwell time in-store.

3. Creating An Efficient Sales Process

With developing technology, sales methods have transformed and become quick. Integrating AI in the marketing campaign will help a lot in customizing the sales message and having a lasting impact on the customers. An efficient AI-driven campaign will surely benefit your ecommerce with its functions of multitasking and more.

4. Visual Search

The software platforms through which ecommerce sites are driven are now developing visual search capabilities. The visual search technology is able to note read the photo to get clues such as size, color, fabric, shape or brand. Through this facility, the customers will be able to upload a photo and discover the products similar to it.

5. Offline to Online Worlds Merge

With the help of visual search capabilities, businesses are able to develop ties from online to offline more efficiently than previously. With increasing transformation in the customer engagement with a brand, businesses in the coming time will possess detailed information regarding the customers. This information will help immensely in enhancing the customer service, experience and most of all, assist in developing the chances to sell more products.

Ecommerce businesses can benefit by using AI to collect information that the customers post on the website to give suggestions and make betterments.

6. Virtual Personal Shopper

It has been stated by Julie Bornstein, COO of the AI-enabled Stitch Fix that, “Traditional retailers work off the premise that consumers like to shop and that they have the time to shop. But there are people who are better at shopping and can save shoppers time.”

With the help of AI technologies, ecommerce businesses can integrate more advanced tools and methods for customers to shop. Based on natural conversation and cognitive data gathered with the help of AI, businesses are able to develop increasingly engaging shopping experiences to present product recommendations to customers. Virtual personal shoppers will benefit ecommerce businesses by becoming an impressive and appealing point of contact for users.

7. Personalization

Personalization in a vital aspect of the ecommerce business however with the development of AI technologies, it will be possible for ecommerce businesses will possess have fast methods that can help in personalization. The majority of the businesses have the options of filters that can be set according to the requirements of the customer such as sizes, price, viewed history, best sellers, popularity and other parameters. But with the help of AI, businesses will be able to provide a flawless customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the methods of sales for customers by providing myriad shopping solutions and bringing immense reforms in the way ecommerce businesses interact with the customers.

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