How Brands Can Partner With Google Assistant

How Brands Can Partner With Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual “helper” which is installed as an app in smartphones and connected home devices, car dashboards, smart TVs, watches, and laptops. The traditional search landscape is gradually changing with the explosion of Google Assistant. We are moving past the system of search and scroll. Instead, we have started conversing with apps, smart speakers and assistants. You can buy tickets or book a taxi and engage with Google Assistant to get things done. As a business owner can use Actions on Google to create effective conversations between users and your 3rd-party fulfillment service. This era of voice and conversational search have to lead us into new, unchartered SEO waters. In fact, a Google Assistant developer should now be hired into every major brand.

Google Assistant has launched two years ago and since then it is playing a central role in the products and services Google is working on. Now brands are increasingly trying to figure out their respective places within the Google Assistant. For example, Google has partnered with Sephora and owners of a Google Home Hub can now use the Google Home wake-word to play Sephora’s video makeup tutorials. Makeup tutorials are popular on YouTube and how-to related beauty searches happen on YouTube continuously. Sephora is known to make amazing and detailed how-to videos on YouTube including makeup tips, hair tips, and even skincare tips. Google and Sephora work together, make such tutorials easier to use and now you can ask Google to play a how-to video on the Google Home Hub rather than typing and getting makeup all over your phone or tablet.

Google Assistant has been integrated by Major League Baseball (MLB) into broadcast and social content for playoffs. Broadcasters will be able to ask Google Assistant questions during live games. MLB and Google also work together on original content programming which shows how baseball fans are improving their League Championship Series (LCS) experiences with the help of Google Assistant. MLB also forms unique LCS-themed Instagram Stories which highlights the Google Assistant and features LCS teams. It shows how easily passionate baseball fans can keep up with the playoffs with the help of Google Assistant. The fans can also use Assistant for more activities including listening to music, weather forecasts and setting reminders.

A universal Express shopping cart has been introduced by Google which is shared by both Assistant and Search on the mobile, desktop, as well as Home devices. The new Shopping Actions partnerships have been announced by Google with major brands like Best Buy and Nike. The products of the companies that participate in Shopping Actions can appear in Assistant whenever users shop by voice. Google makes the experience easier with a universal shopping cart, instant checkout and saved payment credentials. Fast re-ordering, personalized recommendations which help in getting repeat customers, as well as sponsored listings are some of its other features. Best Buy is available on Google Express and customers can place orders, check status, and find store hours using Google Assistant. The addition of Nike is Google’s first Footwear and Apparel brand to join Shopping Actions, and the customers can get Nike products directly on Google’s platforms.

Domino’s, Ticketmaster, Disney in partnership with Google Assistant create “actions” that consumers can take which will be helpful for brands to understand what developer tools are available to them on the Actions on Google platform. It helps the brands to share best practices for creating a voice user interaction and answer questions as they build out the user experience.

Google Assistant works with the partners and creates unique and engaging experiences to attract users to the platform at large. Majority of the users don’t click past the first results page which shows the vital importance of using Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques in order to increase ranking and revenue. With the concept of “SEO” also comes the concept of “PASO” (personal assistant search optimization) and we are standing between the threshold of the two. Google Assistant acts exactly like your own personal assistant. When you ask for its assistance, it performs its own web search and then answers you. Majority of the users use Google Assistant through their phone. The difference between searching for something on your mobile using your assistant and typing it out is the number of results that are displayed. Google Assist on a cell phone will show four or fewer results.

e when Google Assistant is asked for the recommendations for a restaurant and it comes up with 4 options. One can only imagine the traffic those four options will have. Google Assistant is hands-free, fast and it makes people’s lives easier through its conversational way. Brand marketers need to find out how they can be one of those four options that the Google Assistant suggests to each user. Brands have to spend time and energy on their PASO strategy the way they have been doing on SEO. Google has been the number one search engine in the world and its unique understanding of all aspects of “search” and knowledge goes into the capabilities of Google Assistant. You need to figure out how your brand will navigate the new landscape from SEO to PASO.

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