How to Create a Successful Multichannel Customer Shopping Experience

Multichannel marketing is the process where companies interact with customers through multiple (direct and indirect) channels with the aim of selling goods and services. Direct channels that are used by companies are physical stores, catalogs or direct mail. Indirect channels are where the companies promote themselves through websites or social media platforms.  Various methods of inbound and outbound marketing strategies are also used in multichannel marketing especially on those channels that are of the customers’ choice.

Ecommerce has drastically changed the retail experience of consumers in the past 20 years, be it providing immediate availability of endless products, the facility to buying at one click of a button, quick shipping or the 24/7 customer support. In order to create a multichannel customer experience, ecommerce businesses are striving to have such a brand experience that is not just appealing to the customers but is seamless and easy.

Key Features of Multichannel Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

1. Multichannel Management

  • Multichannel helps in recommending the suitable platform in order to maintain inventory, sales plan, and customers through various channels
  • It will help in presenting an excellent customer experience.

2. 360 View Customer Dashboard

  • It is important to link all the information regarding the customer in one place despite where they buy the products from. Even if the customers have bought products from various online stores such as Amazon or eBay, it will be beneficial to link your entire customer database to one place.
  • Design such marketing plans that are not just successful but personalized, too. For instance, based on the history of their previous purchases, providing discounts on those particular products will help you to set up various promotions.
  • It enables the customers to trace their orders.

3. Website Integration

  • Multichannel marketing will help you in integrating your website with not just any of your in-house software but also with your software of email marketing.
  • Design a website that will have a great impact on the customers. Make it responsive, mobile-friendly and user-friendly so that an excellent shopping experience is catered by you to your valuable customers.

4. Business Reporting And Analytics

  • Multichannel marketing will assist you in figuring out the best selling or top selling products in each channel, and respectively refresh the inventory and pricing.
  • It will also help you to track the profitability of your ecommerce stores, your products, and your customers.
  • It will help you in the management of your campaign and promotion.

5. Providing Answers to The Customers’ Queries

  • Customers cannot analyze the product while shopping online and this leads to a lot of queries in their mind. It is very important to address this issue, as only then they will be willing to make a purchase.
  • By encouraging the purchasers to ask questions on your product will help you to find out more about the views of your customers and eliminate any problem that they are facing while shopping.

How to Create a Successful Multichannel Customer Shopping Experience – An Infographic


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Benefits of Multichannel Marketing

1. Ecommerce businesses can handle all business processes with the help of multichannel ecommerce platforms. This includes trading on other ecommerce websites like eBay, Amazon, and diverse shopping feeds. It also helps in managing point of sale (POS), returns, accounting, marketing, support, pickup and shipping, and marketing.

2. Ecommerce companies design such campaigns that cover multiple channels and result in providing multichannel marketing that is both successful and beneficial.

3.They also try to recognize campaigns that are effective on a particular channel. Through this way, they increase their sales and estimate the return on investment of their presence on every channel respectively.

4. They can regulate the efforts on the respective channel in order to optimize both online and offline marketing. For instance, testing of keywords from online marketing can appraise the effectiveness of a campaign before it is turned into a print ad or any other form of advertisements.

5. Your marketing efforts can be boosted by promoting your message through as many channels as possible. This helps ecommerce companies to collect feedback from diverse customer segments. In turn, the feedback helps in determining the overall performance and by analyzing the feedback information, alterations can be done.

6. The presence of companies on different channels can be used to form an image that is personalized because it cannot just create a customer following but also boost their retention and loyalty. Customers are attracted to an ecommerce website when its visibility is high. When ecommerce owners focus their efforts on a single channel, the possibility of reaching out to the most prospective customers is decreased.

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