How to Get Customers for Your Ecommerce Website

Getting customers to your ecommerce website is extremely important if you want your business to survive. Without people buying from you, you can’t expect your profit margins to grow! There are many ways in which you can boost your client base for your ecommerce website and here are a few ways:

Get a Web Address That Makes Sense

It is very important that you have a website name that makes sense and a URL that is not too complicated to remember. People who can visit a website faster will be more prone to visit it and buy there more often.

Build on Your Existing Marketing

It is very important to involve the internet and digital marketing as a tool to boost your sales and lure in new customers, but it is not the only way to do so. Successful marketing of an ecommerce site begins with the foundational methods. Make use of paper trails and put your website on everything that you send out – newsletters, brochures, posters, letterheads, etc.

Make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy Effective

You can’t do a successful ecommerce business without an effective SEO strategy. Get SEO experts to boost your blog posts or sales articles, get a marketing strategist to predict certain trends and help you build thereon, and get a social media marketer to help you promote your site effectively on social media. If your SEO campaign is a success then you will be able to boost your rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and their related shopping feeds. This is especially important if you are affiliated with Amazon or selling products on eBay.

How to get customers for your ecommerce website – An infographic


Make Use of Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the important platforms to get loyal customers. Create accounts on all the social media sites under the company’s name and make sure that it is updated regularly. Even if you do not always advertise products or services, make sure that you post every now and then – even if it is just a motivational quote. This will also help to build your brand and get more people to trust who and what you are. Some of the top social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn and more.

Social Media Advertising

Apart from the fact that you should make use of social media as a way to communicate with your clients, you should also use it as a way to advertise your products. Facebook Ads is a great way for you to get your website out there and on people’s news feeds. Twitter and Instagram offers you hashtags that can be viewed by people from all over the world. Pinterest works in same kind of way. You can even create a Snapchat account if you want your followers to get a more personal experience out of your company.

Find Websites That Complement You and Link Up

A great way to broaden your target group is to find other types of websites that share the same core value as you do and receive mutual help from them. You can both benefit from this relationship by linking both of your websites. Let them feature your business on their page while you feature their business on your page. This way both of you reach the other person’s target group without the bitter taste of bad competition in your mouth.

Generate Interest

This has already largely been covered when we spoke about using social media but there are many people who do not use social media. In fact, there is a whole generation who is not interested in this. You need to think of ways to generate interest from the public so that they all support your ecommerce website. A great idea would be to involve the press. Host a fundraiser and let them cover the event. This way you will create a charitable image and you will be spreading the message over different forms of print and online media too.

Get Customer Feedback

The best way to get people to come back for more is to let them know that their opinions are wanted. You can try and send bi-annual surveys to your existing clients and ask them to give their opinions on your products and services that you offer. This way you will involve them in what you are doing and you will be able to get an honest opinion on how to improve your company’s inner workings. You could also offer prizes that people can win if they choose to take part in the survey that you are sending around.

Appreciate Recommendations

Word of mouth works much better than any type of social media marketing strategy. People will always flock somewhere if they hear a good review from a friend or family member which is why recommendations are so incredibly valuable. In order to start recommending you to others for your client base, they need to feel appreciated. You can set up rewards or discounts for existing clients who recommend you to their friends or family and even better rewards when they get their friends to buy something from the website.

Learn From Others

One of the most important jobs for you is to find out what your competitors are doing. Go online and look at the websites of some of the bigger companies that have already made it ‘big’ in the world of ecommerce. Look at what they are doing right and look at why they are successful. This is how you learn from them and apply these skills to your own website. If you have some contacts in the ecommerce industry that has already made a name, you can also seek their advice.

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