How To Get Your Web Content Into The Google Answer Box

It is possible that when a question is entered by someone in the Google search box, Google uses your website to answer the question. The content from your website can be displayed in the Google Answer Box which is also called featured snippets.

What Are Google Featured Snippets?

Google’s featured snippets are selected search results. It is the content that is used from website pages that answers your questions right away. Google’s featured snippets are featured at the top of the organic Google search results.

If your website is selected for a Google featured snippet, it will give your brand additional exposure, as well as promotion and your website, get featured above organic search results, free. Both increase the organic traffic for your website.

Here’s How It Works:

  • A user enters a query into the Google search box.
  • Google looks for pertinent answers.
  • The answer that Google chooses to be a featured snippet appears at the top of the SERP (search engine results page). It is below ads and just above the first organic search result.
  • This answer is also linked to the website from which it is taken.

How Can I Get My Website Featured In The Google Answer Box?

  • Optimize the content on your website and you increase the chances of your website featuring in Google Answer Box.
  • Choose a topic that interests your audience and find out how people look for information about that topic using Google Keyword Planner.
  • See what is the topmost question that people usually search about it.
  • Provide pertinent and quality content that answers the question completely. In this way, you will help your audience achieve their goal.
  • Make the target question to be the page title in your content. Use an H1 header tag and provide a concise overview answer.
  • Provide how-to steps in bullet points or in a numbered list.
  • You have to make your content such that Google understands what it is all about which includes improving the credibility of your content. Ensure the usage of correct schema markup. You can check your code using Google’s structured data testing tool.

More Tips On Getting Into The Google Answer Box

Below are some of the best ways to increase your chances of appearing in the Answer Box.

  • Your focus should be on a particular question about which you have thorough information. Avoid questions whose answers are easily findable because Google can find the information regarding such questions from various sources and hence, will display the answer without attribution.
  • Check if there is already a Google Answer Box for your target question. If it exists but does not answer the question satisfactorily the, you create content that provides a thorough and accurate answer.
  • Go through your FAQ section keeping in view Google Answers material. Add pertinent questions and answers to the appropriate page on your website. It will help Google to see the questions and answers in the correct context.
  • Create Wikipedia pages because Google uses trusted websites to fill the Answer Box. A Wikipedia page will make your business look more authoritative. Make sure to follow Wikipedia’s guidelines while creating a Wikipedia article on your target topic.
  • High organic search rankings increase the chances of your content to be chosen for the Google Answer Box. Therefore use SEO best practices to get as high up on the SERP as possible.
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