iLifeMedical Wellness & Healthcare Platform


iLifeMedical is a wellness and healthcare platform for patients, clinics, hospitals, and caregivers. We use telemedicine, IoT, 4G/5G to deliver doctors on-demand telehealth consultations. We also provide factory-direct Personal Protective Equipment, medical supplies including Test Kits for COVID-19, N95 Masks, Gloves, Protective Suits, Goggles & IR Thermometers.

With over 20 years of global sourcing capabilities, we are assisting our healthcare and hospital partners through this huge surge of demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Medical during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

We use advanced data science, IoT devices, customized digital guidance, and 24×7 access to healthcare providers to make it easier & affordable for patients.

Face masks are only sold to health care, public agencies, and essential services.  FDA / CE certifications available.

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8705 Complex Drive, San Diego, CA 92123

Tel: 1-858-775-3645

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