Importance of a Blog for Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce websites can surely get extra benefits by adding a blog. Nevertheless, before you add a blog to your website, many things need to be thought of carefully. Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that enables highly feature rich state of the arts, scalable, functionality, and flexible content management system to e-commerce websites. Below are some of the most important benefits of a blog for an ecommerce website that will provide a clear picture.


Better Communication with Customers: Your blog is a platform for you to reach out to your customers. It facilitates a healthy interaction between customer and vendor. This is also the ideal place to attract prospective customers and introduce existing ones with your new offerings and services that are being added to your portfolio.

Augmentation of Visibility and Credibility: Ecommerce businesses are successful when they achieve a great standing and integrity in the market. Credibility is one of the most important characteristics of an ecommerce business. Blogging is a cost effective method to make your business more noticeable and increase its reliability. Posting insightful content will prove your expertise to your visitors and in time and your posts may even be treated as references in business discussions.

Personalization of your Website: The internet provides greater anonymity to a person and therefore, online relationships are weaker than offline ones. Humanize your relationship with your customers by including more interactive material, ask for their opinions, their feedbacks and views or start a poll. Provide the right touch and reach your customers like never before.

Customer Education: A blog is the ideal platform to inform your customers about the properties and benefits of any new product that your business is launching. Introduce new products in an informative way and try not to sound like an advertisement. This can generate loyal readership as well as new customers.

Better Search Engine Rankings: Ecommerce websites belong to the largest sites on the internet. Yet, they seem to attract little attention from search engines like Google. It is because the content topic is same across many websites. To improve your search engine rankings, use only original content. A well-written post is search engine friendly that can improve your rankings to a great deal.

Give Obvious Promotion a Rest: Stay away from trying too hard to sell your product. Blatant promotion on your own blog will put off rather than attract customers. Make your blog more personal with refreshingly new and good content. Your products will sell themselves if everything else is in place.

The list of benefits of annexing a blog to your ecommerce website is quite long but before you start, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • You need considerable resources to keep your blog updated and running. A blog that lacks information and content marketing strategies will destroy your credibility and create distrust in your customers.
  • Blogging is one of the core functions of your business so recruit at least one person to maintain it.
  • It is an interactive mode of communication and the right person should respond to all queries of the readers.
  • Sync your blog and its pages with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+ and so on.
  • Install relevant plugins that can be used to interface conversations across various platforms, for example, a comment on your Facebook page will be visible in your blog and vice versa with help of a suitable plugin.

A blog can be of great advantage to your business and bring in more customers, provided it is done right. You will need to work hard and keep it in shape. Remember there are no easy ways to a successful blog, it requires both time and patience.

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