Internet Marketing for Attorneys

With the growing competition among the law firms today, it has become crucial for them to focus on internet marketing. Internet marketing for attorneys is the process of selling or promoting attorney/legal services online. Lawyers today understand that in order to build up their firm, they need to strengthen their online visibility. Below are the top attorney marketing trends that your law firm should be incorporating so that it stands apart from the race, strengthens its brand, and gains more prosperity than before.

Use Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Making organic SEO a significant portion of your internet marketing plan can benefit you immensely. Despite having already prepared the particular list of keywords for your website to your field of clients, re-examine and instead of focusing on the keywords used by attorneys for your website, ensure that you are applying the keywords that are being used by your clients.

Add Strong Calls-to-Action (CTA) on Your Legal Website

Your conversion rate optimization increases because of this as the guess work of the visitor is subtracted considerably by introducing calls to action. Discover the extremely significant action people can take on your website. For instance, determine if you want them to fill out a contact form or simply call your firm. After the process of contacting you is decided, ensure that through this means of communication, it is simple for the potential client to reach you.

Website Design – User Interface (UI) User Experience (UX)

It is important to have an updated website that has transparent functionality and simple design. Make sure that all your pages are designed optimally and the content is unique and has been optimized in the title tags with particular keywords and description tags. If you do not pay attention to these factors, the potential client would obviously not be attracted to your site or its content because by ignoring these essential elements, your website will not come up when a person will search for it.

Website Information/Content

Your professionalism and experience are constantly noted by your potential clients from the moment they land on your site. That is why it is vital that your website must describe you because it gives the client a reason why they must trust you with their case. You must provide proper information about every single member of your staff. You should have a Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ’s page) to answer client queries. It is also immensely important for you to mention testimonials from other clients on your website. Having a blog can enable you to constantly post fresh content on your site. Your content must be unique and informative.

Internet Marketing for Attorneys – An Infographic


Source: 5starbrand

Customer Retention

Generally, in the world of internet services, a person takes a couple of visits before deciding whether they should contact your or not. Considering this fact, it is essential that you win the client’s attention with your information in such a way that they can come back to your website again. Earlier, online firms used to display a Newsletter sign-up box on their website but currently several companies in order to obtain the visitor’s email address are utilizing offers in its exchange. However, what you provide to the customer in exchange has to be either a well-written piece of mail, an informational video or it can even be a study. Whatever you decide, make sure it is something without which the customer is unable to look at any other website. It should be composed in such a way that they are ready to provide you their information.

Social Media Marketing

The social media presence of your firm should be very solid. It is because a majority of your potential customers are using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus & more. Also, because of its vast reach, social media is essentially used to grow the recognition of your firm and not only chatting with people online. If social media campaigns are designed optimally with a defined target audience, then even if you have a little amount invested in your advertising, it can reach out to the huge number of people. Thus, it is important that your advertisements are designed by experts and they are strategically displayed at such places that people are constantly seeing your brand. With this, they will gradually start to recognize your firm and in turn, they will visit your website. Keeping these advantages in mind, it is crucial to have a good social media presence these days.

Landing Pages

In essence, a landing page is that web page where a visitor arrives at or “land” on. It is a web page that works as the entry point for your website or a particular section of your website. Now, if your potential client goes back to their search results after leaving your landing page without even advancing ahead into your website, the ranking of your site will be affected. Thus, it is paramount that landing pages must improve your site’s user experience (UX) as a suitable gateway to your site.

Optimize For Mobile

Currently, instead of using computers or laptops, the majority of the people are using smartphones and tablets to view websites. That is why your website has to be completely optimized for mobile viewing, too, or else you might end up losing a lot of clients. Thus, it is important to have a responsive website so that it is displayed in any form, screen size or the various gadgets used by people.


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