Magento 2.2 Enhanced Security & B2B Features for Ecommerce Websites

Technology needs upgradation to keep itself abreast with the changing times. The Magento 2.2 will be the new revolution for ecommerce businesses and customers alike. The few of the specified changes happening in the latest version include:

1) Improved Reporting Dashboard:

The latest reporting component present in the admin console, which is available for both Enterprise and Community, is being designed to produce advanced reporting for customers, products, and orders. This means that you can see orders in terms of region, order value, status and much more. The product data will also be made available based on quantity sold, revenue and highest selling products. The console is created in a customer friendly manner and is created to produce data in the form of charts, graphs, and tables. The provision to analyze customized data tables has been also added which is similar to Google Analytics.

2) Prevention of Cheating Through Integration:

The Magento 2.2 has been designed keeping in view the fraudulent activities taking place in the online industry. The Magento has join hands with a fraud prevention service provider called as Signifyd. The collaboration will help in recognizing and disregarding fraudulent orders and help in giving compensation to the merchant. The subscription of the tool is important to add the feature to your portfolio.

3) Document Upgradation:

The technical changes notified in Magento 2.2 version includes advanced security as the main component. The desired security level was reached by eliminating unserialized calls and amending the hashing algorithm. The improvement is also channelized on making the cron better along with improved JavaScript logging and reduced core for plugins. The latest changes to the technological dashboard include the elimination of PHP 5.6 and inclusion of PHP 7.1, deletion of Varnish 3 and inclusion of Varnish 5, removal of My SQL 5.7 and addition of Redis 3.2. The module repository has also gone through updation for the sake of improvement in the User Interface. Additionally, the Magento 2.2 has included WCAG2 2.0 for backup and pipeline preparation. The new addition will allow software makers to run and distribute separately so that swift production of environmental upgrades is done. The Magento 2.2 is also being made available for Enterprise with add-on mass serial performance capability.

4) Operational Optimization:

The Magento 2.2 includes cart, indexer and cache corrections. Moreover, the operational toolkit has also undergone improvement to produce enhanced speed and elongated profile.

The Magento 2.2 and B2B:

The latest 2.2 version of Magento will enable B2B users to manage customer accounts smoothly with multiple buyers. The negotiation component is further added to convert a cart into a quote, without order execution so that the merchant gets the option to decide the price and put in comments.

The new feature will also help the merchants to vary their prices for different companies, along with the allocation of specified catalogs to a different category of customers jointly. The application programming interface will be renovated and collaborated with the ERP for ease of use.


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