Magento Community Edition Design and Development

Magento Community Edition is the fastest growing ecommerce website design & development open source software.  Magento developers  can create any simple or advanced features by design, development or by adding extensions from the Magento Connect marketplace. Magento is a fully integrated online ecommerce shopping platform featuring flexible product display options, mobile templates, multiple transaction options, multiple stores and multiple sites functionality, advanced user accounts and loyalty programs, product categorization and shopper segmentation, configurable discount and promotion rules, plus many more functions.

Magento-ecommerce-marketshareBusinesses using Community Edition to run their stores want to have access to their own Magento experts, since Magento does not provide technical support for this software.  Magento Community Edition is for developers who wants to build their own solution on a proven, flexible platform. They can modify the core code, and add features and functionality with extensions from the Magento Connect marketplace.

The Magento eCommerce platform stands out as one of the most popular choices for online businesses all around the world with approximately 25% market share. With its rich set of features providing first-class functionality and ease of use to users and store managers alike, Magento Commerce is the right solution for online retail. Magento Commerce can boost profitability through increased visitor numbers, better conversion rates, cost-effective implementation and multi-store, multi-country and multilingual support.

With powerful flexibility and scalability, the base Magento product can be started up cost-effectively and provide you with the resources and rich features to start an online presence within a short period. More advanced functions can easily be added through extensions and customization as your store starts generating higher returns.

Magento Community Edition continues to set the standard for open-source shopping cart technology solutions. Hailed as a revolution for online merchants when it was released, Magento has continually upgraded the offering with additional functionality and fixes suggested by the Magento development community. The Magento Community Edition and its core code form the essential parts of the entire Magento offering and is continually being adopted by online merchants worldwide – now more than 30,000 strong.

The Magento Community Platform gives merchants and store owners amazing features and flexibility. Few notable ones are listed below:

  • Magento Community Edition is free, open source software.
  • No yearly license fees. Zip. Zilch. None. Tough to say too much about this.
  • Magento Community is designed for developers and tech-savvy merchants, who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty building and maintaining a site.
  • You pay only for your domain name, web hosting, and pay for a qualified Magento programmer to build out the site, and maintain it.
  • Out of the box, Magento Community’s ecommerce system has an amazing array of features, like
    1. Code-level access to the files.
    2. Web Services API, allowing you to connect to other systems easily.
    3. Mobile HTML5 Theme is pre-integrated
  • Magento Community and Enterprise have 7,500+ extensions in the Magento Connect Marketplace. Magento allows you to use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Multiple Themes are available to suit your eStore or services
  • Multiple Stores. Magento Community allows you have multiple stores, with one common back end system. This is a *major* feature of Magento, that most other eCommerce systems do not offer.
  • Flexible Pricing Rules. Magento Community has an amazing system that allows you to create discounts, free shipping and other offers. A persistent Shopping cart keeps track of what a potential customer adds to their cart, and saves the contents until they come back.
  • Shipping Rules, Payment Configurations and Gateways.
  • Magento Community gives retailers standard reporting, including:
  • Flexible Couponing and Promotions.
    1. Sales Totals
    2. Best Selling Products
    3. Abandoned Carts
    4. New Customers
  • Customer Accounts Management and Order management

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