Mobile Technology Trends to Watch in 2015

2015 is sure to witness a lot of new mobile technology trends as smartphones are being adopted all over the world at a great pace. These trends are going to set new standards through mobiles in the way we play, work and shop.

1)      Battle for Wearables

Mobile technologies are expanding with brand new wearables like Google Glass and Apple Watch. The developers will have to keep up with the pace as brands are trying to woo customers with innovative products. Apple is launching Apple Watch with great momentum and in this year wear mobile technology will be developed globally. The market is new and people want to see what these brands bring on the table.

2)      More Brand Engagement

Engagement through mobile will be another key trend you are going to see in 2015. Each and every brand you use will lift them up from age old subscription emails to innovative ways to engage you with their products and services. This different approach is somewhat like Fitbit, the fitness tracker, where these brands will keep you updated about the products and services many times a day.

3)      Mobile Payments Grow Both locally and Globally

We all know that mobile payments are more secure and private. Apple Pay came out as one of the most innovative mobile technology that was launched towards the end of 2014. Many retail chains across the U.S. are already accepting payments through mobile. This one touch payment through your smartphone saves you a lot of time. In 2015 it is hopeful that more merchants will accept mobile payments. Also not just locally, mobile payments are going global as per the trend reports. Travelers will be able to enjoy mobile payments in international currencies and will save a lot of time and hassle.

4)      Smart and Connected Home

Apple is leading here too. The newly launched HomeKit will be setting standards for the connected and smart homes. While Apple’s mobile technology will be in house and closed, Thread Group is also launching similar ecosystem which will be more open to developers.


Infographics Source: Kona Company

5)      Automobiles Integrated With Mobiles

Just like wearables, mobile technology also enhances automobiles. Augmented virtual overlays and more effective GPS tracking is sure to benefit everyone in 2015. More power to your windshield as you will feel more connected to the specs and environment while driving premium vehicles.

6)      Internet of Things (Internet of Everything) Expansion (IoT)

Marketer have preached internet of things as a cool concept for so long already. But in 2015 you will see it happening in front of you. A revolution is coming and in the form of really cool products that will surely catch your attention.

7)      Hackers Will also Target Mobile

More users on mobile, means it will be more prone to malware and hacks. Hacker groups have already targeted mobile apps in 2014 and this year it will be all about more and more mobile penetration. Data breach will be in every third mobile device around you. Hence more security measures will be adopted in 2015.

8)      Mobile Beacons Technology

For all the shoppers out there Beacon technology is the biggest trend for mobile in 2015. The store owners can send you messages or notifications on your mobiles and create a fun and profitable shopping experience.

9)      M-commerce Evolution

Holiday shopping season of 2014 recorded highest sales through mobile devices ever. This is increasing at a steady rate, because of the deals, offers and easy of shopping through these apps. Retailers will engage more through mobile and try to retain as many customers as possible. Driving sales and revenue through m-commerce will be a big trend of 2015.

10)  Travel and Bookings More Through Mobile

Applications on your mobile will be more powerful. For example travel booking websites will give you more sophisticated way to book flights and hotels from the app itself. You travel research will be part of your mobile, laptop and tablets all throughout 2015.

11)  Mobile connected with your health and nutrition

Mobile is going to make you live well by keeping your health and nutrition in check. Mobile tracking and keeping real-time data for your body will help you take good care of your health. Notifications regarding the content of your meals, heart rate and sleep quality are very useful. In 2015 you will also be notified about your stress levels.

12)  Businesses Goes Mobile First

Businesses will prefer mobile first to showcase new products and services. The companies will become more mobile-centric in 2015. Mobile-first behavior is something you have to watch out for in 2015.

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