PPC Techniques and Trends For 2017

PPC advertising, like the dynamic world of the Internet, is constantly transforming. In 2017, PPC is altering at an accelerated speed as it has gained access to various latest features and ad formats from Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, and other social media networks. With more features aimed at providing better audience targeting to reach customers at the right moment of their journey, here is the list of most significant trends in PPC for 2017.

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1. You Will See Increased Personal Targeting

This year, you will witness the personalization of advertisements because marketers have understood how crucial consumer data is and how beneficial it can be for their marketing. With the help of consumer data, it will be possible for businesses to categorize the consumers on the basis of their interests, education, income, and age. After this classification, businesses can then target advertisements to their appropriate section.

2. Paid Ads Will Show More Live Data

Advertisements in 2017 are going to start the trend of displaying more live data as compared to previous years where data was shown in form of users from your locality and local product availability. Ad features, for example, AdWords scripts, Ad customizer, and local product inventory ads will enable increasing number of live data to be shown in advertisements that are related to the paid search.

3. Go Mobile-Friendly

Most of the users are switching to mobile to access the internet. That is why businesses must develop such marketing strategies that keep the mobile into consideration. Users are no longer used to only a desktop site, they also want a mobile landing page, so create advertisements that are mobile optimized so that if the clients are working across different channels and platforms, you do not miss out on them. Make sure to develop responsive websites. Additionally, one of the most crucial aspects of mobile-friendly sites is the structure of the website as it can help in getting the maximum amount of calls and leads.

4. Experience-Based Advertising Taking Center Stage

This year, you will see that increasing number of brands showing their products through advertisements that are immensely interactive. It is because, in 2017, more and more marketers are going to focus on customer experience, as it is one of the best ways through which they can attract the attention of the audience. Marketers have realized that they can easily target those customers who possess the basic idea of their requirement from a product beforehand or are familiar with the product. This is the reason why experience-based advertising will find itself taking the center stage and ecommerce companies must keep this in their marketing plans.

5. Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads will be become larger and hold more real estate on the SERPs in the 2017 year. The main advantages of the New Google Shopping Campaigns Include:

  • More product focused
  • More granular control with custom labels and campaign priorities
  • More advanced reporting capabilities
  • Access to competitive metrics

As Ben Wood, Head of Digital, Hallam Internet says, “Google shopping is already a cost effective tool for ecommerce businesses to advertise their products in Google search, and I expect its functionality to increase over the coming year with the rollout of features such as shop the look ads. Moreover, Bing has been proven to be cheaper in terms of CPA than Google search, so if you haven’t already run tests on Bing, it’s certainly worth considering doing so in the New Year.”

PPC Techniques and Trends For 2017 – Infographic

Infographic Source: branex.ca

6. New Technologies

This year, we will see an immense rise in technology as it will help the businesses to develop latest and important insights in such a way that is not possible manually. For instance, it can give results by going through high volumes of information in a very short amount of time. Furthermore, businesses should also concentrate on other technologies such as voice search queries, which can have an effect on user experience (UI), and the growing use of digital personal assistants for the customers as well.

7. Specialize in Social and Video Marketing

In order to stay ahead of the competition, online businesses need to establish their presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Keeping in mind the increasing changes in customer behavior and the amount of time they spend on the social networking websites, advertisers must focus on these channels so that they can get in touch with their customers. These various channels are crucial on-line touch points that are evident by the fact that social media advertising is already getting ahead of search ads.

With the migration of Google’s TrueView ads to the AdWords interface, the video campaigns and budget management has become very easy and simple. Therefore, to point out on search results pages, video ads can be reflecting the dominant ad format. Additionally, it is highly likely that Google will roll out different methods to put ads aboard or within videos which will result in higher targeting and enhanced conversion rates.

8. Google Expanded Text Ads

The expanded text ads are 2x bigger where a person now has a total of 140 characters of ad copy space to use and it is very important that you make the most out of each and every character. In order to do so, you must develop advertisements that attract the audience visually as well as emotionally so that they can’t help but click on the ad.

Pauline Jakober, CEO, Group Twenty Seven says that in 2017, the theme is “go big or go home.” The Google Search Ads Text “will take up more space in the search results and increase in size in 2017 because Google will continue to add more ad extensions. There are exciting new extensions in beta now that seem great for B2C and the retail side of things, but we’re hoping Google will think about B2B in 2017 and create extensions that will lean towards B2B.”

So keep a track of the above PPC trends in 2017 and be prepared to drive more traffic, leads, and conversions, make the most of your budget, and stay ahead of your competition!

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