Retargeting as Part of an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Retargeting Online Marketing

Retargeting is one of the most effective online marketing methods for serving ads based on prior engagement. It helps large & small scale eCommerce companies advertise to website visitors who leave without a conversion. This accounts for about 98% of online visitors. Retargeting (or remarketing) ads will give them a chance to return and convert into customers.

Retargeting can be effective for both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) websites. Ecommerce companies can get the advantage of retargeting by bringing back bounced traffic and online shoppers who have discarded their carts. B2B companies are able to achieve their goals more effectively with retargeting because it enables them to stay in front of their leads.

How Retargeting Works: The process of retargeting is very simple, and takes place within a fraction of second. Whenever a visitor visits your website, your retargeting provider immediately places an anonymous browser cookie. This cookie stores the site visit and lets your retargeting provider (Adroll, Perfect Audience, Google etc.. ) know when that bounced visitor appears on another site after leaving your site. Your retargeting provider later bids on the ad space in real-time if it is available there. They secure the ad space before the page loads if they are the highest bidder.

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The Most Important Types of Retargeting Include:

Site-based Retargeting: Site-based retargeting is the technique of serving ads to online visitors who visit your website after they leave. You can see these ads on a variety of sites: Travel, eCommerce, online dating, sports & fitness or anything else around the web which keeps your brand in front of bounced site visitors to bring them back to your website.

Email Retargeting: Email retargeting is an effective practice to enhance email marketing campaigns with display advertising. Retargeting is very easy to implement on the backend. You just have to place a single line of code on your site which tags your visitors and later serves them retargeting ads online.

In digital marketing, email marketing is considered one of the most effective methods of eCommerce marketing. Mark Zuckerberg says, “It’s an incredibly effective way to reach your customers”. Email retargeting targets only your email subscribers, rather than all your site visitors. In this process, you simply place a line of code in your email signature or in the HTML of your email which appears as served ads to anyone who opens your email.  This is an efficient technique to keep your products/brand in front of your email/contact list without sending too many emails, avoiding a risk of mass un-subscription.

CRM Retargeting: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) retargeting is an exceptionally powerful technique to target customers later on in the funnel both via direct mail and email marketing, but as far as this blog is concerned, we’ll mainly highlight the benefits for direct mail marketers.  CRM retargeting as a part of a larger cross-channel marketing strategies is a great addition to direct mailings. If you have large number of physical mailing addresses in your database then this is one of the only ways to take all those contacts online and begin serving ads to them.

Search retargeting: Search retargeting is considered relatively high in the funnel.  It’s most effective when driving awareness about your brand. In search retargeting, your focus is to target consumers who actually want a product or service online like the one you sell, however, it is not necessary that they should be familiar with your brand.  In traditional search campaigns, top funnel keywords may not be cost-effective, but they’re perfect for search retargeting. Search retargeting enables you to create targeted brand awareness which, of course, helps you to get significantly higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Retargeting can be the perfect tool for advertising if utilized properly as part of a broader internet marketing strategy. Ask us how we can help you with your next retargeting ads for your website and make use of best practices for constant optimization of ads.

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