Rise of Ecommerce & Mobile Commerce

Ecommerce is evolving faster than ever with the rise of mobile commerce or m-commerce. With the advancement of technology, consumers now prefer to shop via tablets & smartphones because of new sophisticated mobile apps that enable them easy online shopping experience.  Here are some of the facts about rise of e-commerce & m-commerce:

1) Global E-commerce sales to reach $1.2 trillion this year: It is now an essential requirement for any business to have an online presence and digital store front to offer their services and products to their customers spread all across the globe. E-commerce enables businesses to communicate and transact anytime at anyplace all over the world. Most importantly, your website should have a visually appealing user interface (UI) and most importantly it should have a clear navigation that makes the online shopping experience easy. To be successful as an e-commerce website, you need to make sure that you provide your customers the best user experience (UX) when they visit your website.

2) Cyber Monday 2013 was the biggest online spending day ever: While Black Friday marked the first day with above $1 billion e-commerce sales last year, Cyber Monday saw the highest online spending. Americans spent $1.74 billion on last Cyber Monday, making it the biggest spending day ever for US based online retailers.

3) China has 220 million online shoppers : According to an estimate by eMarketer in 2012,’the number of Chinese online ecommerce shoppers are 219.8 million, a 23 percent increase over 2011. The United States had 150 million online buyers in 2012, but remains the largest e-commerce market in terms of total sales.

4) Ecommerce in India: In 2012, Online shopping revenue of India was $14 billion and number of online shopping users was 19.2 million being second last in the list. The growth rate of ecommerce in India is 30% annually.

5) Growth of Mobile commerce or M-commerce:  There has been a rapid rise of mobile commerce in the United States for the last few years and is expected to grow significantly in the future. According to an eMarketer estimate in 2013, consumers spent 38.3 billion U.S. dollars on online shopping through their mobile devices which comprises of tablets & smartphones. Ecommerce sales are expected to grow up to 87 billion dollars in 2016 which includes $62 billion via tablets & and $25 billion through smartphones.


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