Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Game Plan for Online Marketers

Search engine optimization (SEO) can significantly increase traffic to your website which boosts your branding, sales, and customers. SEO involves several off-page and on-page techniques to help search engines find and rank your site higher organically in response to a search from the user. The SEO process includes content optimization, promotion, marketing, advertising on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. ) and their advertising networks (YouTube, Google local, AdWords, major sites like WSJ, Forbes, CNN etc. ) . SEO enhances your brand, gets visibility and provide your business the reliability that it wants to flourish. A search engine considers several factors about your website including content such as videos, images, or local listings to establish your ranking by its algorithm. Nevertheless, what’s the use in creating a lot of graphics and content if it isn’t visible to the viewers when they give a search?

Marketers should realize the worth of SEO, mobile optimization and line up their content for clients ‘for better results on major search engines. According to a survey, 50 percent of the searches on mobile are done expecting to find local results, and 61 percent of those searches resulted in a purchase.

Pondering what SEO game plan works for your business? Here, we give you an exclusive revelation on the fastest  SEO trends and game plans:

On-Page & Off-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO plays an important role in any SEO campaign you run, but the real key to succeeding online is your Off-Page SEO efforts. On Page SEO factors are relevant to the content that is on your web page. The quality of your content is very important because this is what is important to search engines. While On-Page SEO is a one-time thing, Off-Page SEO deals almost exclusively with building links to your website. This is how you get into the top spots of the search engine results and get huge traffic to your website. Some of the major On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO factors include:

On-Page SEO factors:

  • Page Layout
  • Title and Content
  • Meta Tags
  • Categories and Tags

Off-Page SEO Factors:

  • Social Media Networking and Marketing
  • Natural Backlinking
  • Blog Posting
  • Article Writing
  • Forum Discussions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Press Releases

High-Quality Content:

Focus on quality content with natural language and keywords. Good, relevant and original content is an absolute must have for any website to get better results in Google/Bing search engine rankings. Avoid over optimized spammy practices like anchor links and stuffing keywords that can cause a Google SEO penalty.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Content from social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are more popular on the SERPs. At present, 76 percent marketers use social media to boost and support SEO. Content on Social media shall be indexed on search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This will consecutively narrow the lines between social media and the web with respect to SEO strategies. So, find, gather and use your treasured content for optimizing your site for higher visibility.  For trademark names, social media presence is among the top outcomes in search lists.

Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Website

Your visitors are no longer the same. They use all kinds of devices like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops & PC’s to browse the internet. Being aware of this, lots of brands went mobile friendly during last year after Google’s Mobile Friendly update.

A states that the entire amount of searches on mobile gadgets has been increasing at 43% year-on-year. Also, Google’s this year updated algorithm make sure that mobile friendly websites get a boost in search ranking on mobile searches. As progressively more users use mobile devices to browse the web, Google made it easier to discover appropriate, mobile-optimized websites. So, now mobile-friendliness is used as a Google ranking factor in search engine results. Google prefers a fully adaptive or responsive site under one URL. Google developers recommend that websites must be responsive as it will increase the duration that users spend on the site and improve SEO.

Local SEO is More Important

To let Google be familiar with your location and what your business is offering is really important as a marketer. By doing so, your chances of appearing in search engine results, particularly in front of the appropriate viewers will increase. It is essential for you to have local pages containing the name, address of your business etc. with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Ever since Google arose with its updates on Pigeon, local SEO has increased substantial importance forcing marketers and businesses to concentrate on a local line.  So, make sure of having location precise keywords and distinguish content based on your target customers’ location to be advanced in the game.

SEO Tips & Tricks for Online Marketers – Infographics


Infographics Source: leapfroggr

SEO-Friendly URL Structure:

  • A site’s URL structure should be as simple as possible.
  • During the web development process, you should ensure that your URL structure should be user-friendly.
  • Your website must have a better search engine URLs because they bring better crawling.  Therefore, there are some factors that make a search engine URL better.  One of the factors is shorter search engine URLs.  Shorter URLs seem to perform better in search engine results.  For example, Google states that the first 3 to 5 words in a URL are given the most weight.
  • Targeted keywords are another one of these factors.  The location of these keywords is important.  For instance, would perform better than etc. because the word “keyword” in the shorter URL would be relevant.

Videos Still Rule

To keep the audience entertained and engaged, everyone knows that videos are the way to do it. But, did you know that with enough videos, and optimal video marketing one can increase the ranking of a site on the SERPs. According to a report, universally videos make up to 62 percent of all searches on Google. In addition, Google has initiated to give consideration to blended searches or results. Videos get 50 percent of organic page ranks as contrary to static, plain text in Google results. Also, video searches bring in 41 percent click-through rate in comparison to static, plain text content.

It is imperative that Google is equipped to find video content, effectively index it and show your video content when particular keywords are given as search terms.

Site Speed

One of the SEO techniques that online marketers should not miss is site speed. Google is spending a large sum of money to make the site quicker. In each Google I/O, somebody will chat about the significance of speed and their aspiration to take in the fastest websites in their index. Google has officially included speed as one of the factors for ranking to force website holders to take speed into consideration. So, you know now certainly that website speed does matter with regard to rankingandSEO. As a marketer, your job is to ensure that your website loads as quick as possible in consideration of Google’s recommendations.

Long-Tail Keywords

Ranking for the best widespread keywords in online marketing businesses can take ages or it might never take place whatsoever. But if you discover the correct long-tail keywords for optimization, you can reach the top of the ranking list. A large portion that is 70% of the keywords has comparatively little demand according to a study.

If you are looking for long-tail keywords in specific, Keyword Tool Dominator is recommended. It is used to find appropriate long-tail keywords with the help of Google auto-complete. You can use Google Adwords to govern how competitive and relevant they are.

Voice Search

Nowadays, users who are on the move use voice search merely because it is safer and convenient, specifically when somebody is multi-tasking or driving. It is attracting a massive chunk of mobile practice as it took away the agony of entering keywords to give a search enquiry. More or less all mobile gadgets have functions of a voice search. The approval of voice searches have been encouraged by Apple, Microsoft and Google with the introduction of their particular versions of unconventional voice-responsive aides – Siri, Cortana andGoogle Now.

Ensure your content is effortlessly searchable via voice searches with long-tail keywords, which are most probable to be verbal than predictable keywords.  Google Study discovers voice search are widely used to inquire for routes. 59% of teenagers, use voice searches during watching television and 57% when being with friends according to an independent study. While for grown-ups, use voice searches the most when watching TV i.e. 36%, subsequently 24% while with friends and 23% when cooking.

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