The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is playing an essential role in the success and development of a business. Be it a startup or a big company, innovative and high performing mobile applications are being employed by marketers in every verticle. With the assistance of an effective app marketing strategy, you can feature on the top of mobile channels and platforms such as Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon App Store and Windows Mobile Market. You can also promote your business, reach out to your the target audience and catch their attention who are increasingly switching to mobile phones instead of computers and laptops. Another important aspect of mobile app marketing is the increasing trend of Android and iOS apps. In a time where thousands of apps are being launched every day, it is extremely important to develop interesting apps and promote them with the right marketing plan. Here are the top ways through which you can optimize your mobile app’s visibility and improve its ranking on the leading platforms:

Factors To Consider Before Launch

Prior to the launch of an application, ecommerce businesses should extensively plan and execute their mobile app marketing strategy. Following are a number of measures that you should look after.

1. Choose the Right Category

An important part of app marketing is to ensure that your application is listed under the right category because the Top Charts of an app store affect quite a number of downloads. This way, in the Top Charts for your particular category, your app will have more chances of getting a higher rank. But it is essential to understand the most appropriate category for your app and also know its advantages and disadvantages.

2. Brand Icon and Name

In order to ensure the right online marketing, the name of your app should resonate with your business. But an appropriate name is not enough because the designing an appropriate icon is as essential. The first thing that a customer sees is the icon of your app and its name. If it is catchy and unique, then they will be interested in trying your app. But if it is not, then you will be lagging behind in the competition.

3. Select Important Keywords

Keywords play a vital role in the successful marketing of an app. So make sure that the keyword you use should be able to describe your app to customers and after reading it, they are able to know the function of your app. Primarily, it is utmost important that you must search and select the keywords meticulously because the search results of your app will depend a lot on the keywords.


Post-Launch Mobile App Marketing

4. Enrich Useful Functions

Businesses must provide innovative and unique functions in their apps so that people are able to not only understand the app characteristics but also be able to differentiate from the crown. It’s an important thing to do because no matter how attractive app icon or name you have decided, if it is not serving the purpose of customers, they are bound to lose their interest in your app. Keep your target audience in mind and then incorporate functions accordingly.

5. Sign Up for an App Store Analytics Application

By signing up for an analytics tool, businesses will be able to properly comprehend the method of organic app distribution. That is why an analytics tool will be beneficial in assisting you to track your apps and your competitors with the help of Top Charts and Search Rankings.

6. Build a Quality Landing Page

You must ensure that the landing page of your app should be excellent in design as well as quality. You can begin by jotting down the primary specifications of the app and writing a catchy introduction of your app. However, most importantly, the landing page should be SEO-friendly. It is highly beneficial and recommended to display your contact information so that customers can instantly get in touch with you.

7. Create Social Media Accounts

With its growing prevalence and huge customer base, social media is the place to be. You can enhance your app’s popularity among customers with the help of social media marketing. The social media platforms that you should definitely consider are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Google Plus. But make sure that these handles are rightly handled. You can generate traffic with these handles by posting engaging photos, posts, sales, discount coupons, lucky draws and much more.


8. Advertise

Advertising, without a say, is among the best methods to create customer awareness and market your app. Try advertising your app on niche social media networks like Reddit, Quora etc. You can also run your ads through Google Display Network on specific websites that support Google ads. You can also go for hiring a reputed online marketing company who can advertise your app to your target audience.

9. Encourage Users to Rate and Review Your App

The number of ratings your app gets and how high these ratings are, these two are the topmost deciding factor of the ranking of your app in the search results or top charts. Make sure to focus on all the elements of your app that will have a positive impact on the customers so that your application gets 5-star from as much number of customers as possible. One of the effective ways to prompt your customers to rate your app is to simply ask for ratings from within the app while they are using it.

10. Keep Updating Your App’s Content

In the rising competition, one of the surest way to stay ahead of everyone is to make sure that your app is updated and always providing something new to the customers. It is important to constantly update the content of the app to engage the customers.
With the increasing competition, it is essential to have a good mobile app marketing strategy. The above tactics will surely help you in generating high revenue with more number of downloads and ensuring that your mobile app marketing is a hit.

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