The Shortest Path to $1 Million in E-Commerce Business

The success of an ecommerce website rests upon its design, development, online marketing and execution. Everyday, an endless number of ecommerce are springing up and it is becoming important for businesses to have definitive strategies that will help not just in generating sales but also have a business that lasts in this age of increasing competition. Stay with us as we are going to tell you the shortest path to $1 Million in ecommerce business.

1. Focus on Brand as Much as You Focus on the Store

Businesses always last longer when their focus is more on creating a brand rather than the ecommerce store because customers tend to associate loyally with the companies that have a good brand image. After all, it is the brand through that the customers associate themselves to. Like users of Apple associate it with intuitiveness, innovation and style. Also, when you have a brand, it is possible to achieve popularity and success with the help of word of mouth. However, in order to achieve that, it is important to have a brand identity, such as name and logo that is easier for customers to remember and recall. The logo of the company has a direct effect on the customers, that is why it should be unique and at the same time connectable to the audience. Make sure that you choose the right color scheme, design and font so that customers are able to recognize it in the future.

2. Attract Customers With SEO and Digital Marketing

Businesses spend a large amount of their budget on advertisements because ads help a lot in creating brand recognition, change the customers’ perception towards the brand, generate brand awareness, create a market niche and much more. It’s important for businesses to develop unique and original content using the right keywords as such content will definitely rank at the top in the search engine results and help in getting traffic to the ecommerce website. It is advisable to use search engine optimization tools such for research as they help immensely.

Businesses should also have an affiliate program that keeps the affiliates engaged, as it is very important for businesses to look after their affiliate partners properly. Sending personalized emails of thank you and greetings to the affiliates is a great way to start, as it will keep them reinforced and make them feel valued. Influencers also play a notable part in an ecommerce business and you can get in contact with them. One of the ingenious ways to get the assistance of influencers is by offering to features them on your press sites and in return, they will help you by doing a shout-out of your brand or product on their pages.

Social media is another essential platform where your business can not only attain popularity but also get a lot of traffic. You can make the most out of the vast customer base that is present on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

3. Scale the Channels that are Working

Often marketers focus on a number of social media platforms, launching campaigns and performing various marketing activities that they end up spending a large amount of time on them. Do not make this mistake as concentrating on a large number of handles simultaneously will not be giving the results that you seek. That is why it is advisable to select the social media platform that suits your requirements and marketing campaign and make the most out of it.

4. Measure everything and know the psychology of sales

If you know and work consistently to enhance your Customer Acquisition Cost CAC, the site load speed, conversion rate, time to checkout and other aspects well enough, then Going from $0 to $100k/month is not very difficult. Businesses will witness a boost in the revenue when these factors are looked after properly.

In order to receive higher conversions, here are some best marketing tricks:

  • Ensure to display testimonials and verified reviews from previous customers.
  • Applying price anchors and bundle products help in enhancing the average order value.
  • Provide a swift return method and warranty to the customer.
  • Provide the customers with a timed discount.

5. Use Tools and Scripts to Automate Your Work

It is highly beneficial for the business if you have an expert at your side who knows the best course of action. Furthermore, look out for tools and scripts that will help you in enhancing the results of your business. For example, to schedule your posts on your social media platforms, you can use Hootsuite. Whenever you publish a blog post or have sales or discount offers, you can use the software that helps in sending the email to your list in one go. By doing so, you can save a lot of your precious time that you can utilize somewhere else.

Keep in mind the above points to making your ecommerce business reach unprecedented success in the shortest period of time.

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