Things to Consider Before Building a Mobile App

Smartphone users utilize mobile apps by 80% more than mobile websites.  Customers often prefer a mobile app over a mobile website.  Launching a mobile apps is one of the best methods to get more customers.  In 2014, mobile apps were used more than mobile websites and 86% of mobile usage was on apps.

The series of steps involved in coming up with an idea for building an app, considering factors for an app and then getting your app built by a developer takes time. Some apps take a few weeks to be developed, while other apps take more time.

There are some factors to consider before building an app whether by yourself or with the help of a developer.  Mobile commerce and sales are increasing exponentially; therefore, you must join in the action. You should do enough research of the market to choose the right platform, choose the right app ecosystem, the perfect mobile development company, and try to learn the process.

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Platforms and App Ecosystems to Consider:

The percentage of Android and iPhone OS mobile apps is 90% out of all mobile apps in the mobile market.  Many business owners have difficulty deciding the mobile platform such as iPhone OS or Android for an app.  A number of factors are considered before choosing which platform to tell the developer to build a mobile app for.  One of those factors is considering what features to include in the app.  Other two factors include budget and project requirements.

If you are considering a native application, then you or a developer must build the same app again and again for every platform such iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.  One good reason for building a native application is because you are familiar with device’s unique operating system.

The usual choices for app ecosystems are between iOS, Android, and Windows.  Consider four factors for an app ecosystem including features of the app, strategy of monetization, brand, and audience.  Localytics explains the different ecosystems in detail.  For example, iOS has a potentially wealthier reach and great development tools and support.  Android has a more open platform.

Choosing a Mobile App Developer to Help you:

After you consider and understand ideas for what a mobile app will do, the next action is to contact the best mobile app developer. Hire a qualified professional mobile developer to build the mobile app as it can be highly complex.  Also your app will not be built overnight by the developer. You should talk about the project and be sure that you understand the series of steps involved which may include Project/ Product Management, design, architecture, programming, testing, infrastructure, and validation.   If you are amazed by the apps and designs created by a mobile development company, then you must choose this perfect company to help you build the new mobile app.  A developer will submit your built app for approval to a technology company.

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Testing Your App:

After the mobile app is created, it is time for you to distribute to a select a few for beta testing and then receive important feedback.  After the mobile app is tested, the glitches and other problems highlighted in beta should be resolved.  Also you could use TestFlight to test updates and then send the updates later to the existing apps on registered devices.  This also makes the development process better. If you are building an mCommerce app, be certain to make sure that the checkout process is smooth and seamless.

Decisions Related to Money in Building an App:

The cost of a project to build an app depends on several factors including variables, features, and development processes, and the amount of time you put into the project whether a developer helps you build or you build it.  If you hold onto a developer’s account, Apple charges you $100 annually.  You should charge $1.99 or make it free if there are ads and/or in-app purchases in the completed app.

A company Clutch conducted a survey on 12 mobile app development companies and found that the cost range for a mobile app for an iPhone is from $37,913 to $171,450 but it could increase to $500,000 or more.  The best method to find out your cost in the price range found out by Clutch is to get price quotes from a few development companies.

Adding an iTunes Description for Your App:

Check out some good apps and learn from them. You should write your introductory statement quickly.  You should also type the description so that it is advertising.  Finally, take pictures of the app with your screen using the computer and then add the screenshots to the description.

Remember to Add Updates:

You should send updates as you beta test it with Testflight.  Updates improve the user-experience, add more features, fix bugs, or make it modern.  Updates make your app stay in the competition and in high quality.

Successful Mobile App Marketing:

At last but not the least, start marketing your app. iTunes shows the most downloaded and most profitable apps in the top apps in the app store.  You could be successful if your app made it to the top apps in the app store.  There is some luck involved in being successful in your mobile app ecosystem.

Mobile app marketing is the most important step during the launch of an app in the market. Create amazing videos or trailer about your app and share it with your audience. A video speaks more than text. Be creative will making videos for it because your innovations here can do wonders. Advertising can either reach consumers through personal computers or their mobile devices themselves.

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