Top 10 Google Search Trends Year End Zeitgeist in 2013

Google released its annual year-end report, a list of top global search trends for the year that includes a video overview and the year’s top 100 searches. Google’s annual ranking of search results for 2013, or as they call it in Silicon Valley, the Year-End Zeitgeist . Google dominates search market share on the Internet with over 77% of all searches on desktop computers and about 87% on mobile devices, based on numbers from Net Applications  (Comscore & Hitwise are probably similar ). What has Bing been upto ? Can we get another search engine that works so we don’t give Google 100% control of the Internet.

This year the top ten list was marked by Notable deaths around the world. Nelson Mandela’s demise taking the first spot. He was followed by actor Paul Walker, who died in a tragic car accident, in early December. No. 4 on the list was Cory Monteith, the Glee actor who passed away from an overdose in July.

Technology and Gadgets took 3 spots with Iphone5S at 3rd, Samsung Galaxy S4 at 8th and Playstation4 at 9th .


See the full top 10 list, below:

  1. Nelson Mandela – Global & South African iconic anti-apartheid activist and former President who spent 27 years in a South African prison
  2. Paul Walker – A successful actor famous for Hits like the Fast & Furious franchise was killed in an accident in a sports car where the driver  lost control at high speed
  3. Apple iPhone 5S – Eagerly awaited latest version of the most popular smart mobile phone on market by Apple
  4. Cory Monteith – Another Actor on this list for wrong reasons, known for his role on TV Series Glee
  5. Harlem Shake – A dance move that has youtube going crazy
  6. Boston Marathon – Boston Marathon this year was in news due the bombing incident at the race
  7. Royal Baby – The new born baby to England’s Prince  William and his wife Kate was of much interest to internet users all over the world
  8. Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Android based contender for the throne of the most popular smartphone  on the market
  9. PlayStation 4 – Sony launched the much awaited Playstation game console, with over 250 million Playstation consoles of their cutting edge gaming system sold worldwide
  10. North Korea – North Korea was in news for their aggressive actions all through the year and unstable behavior including the execution by the North Korean president,  Kim Jong-un, of his uncle Jang Song Thaek


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