Top 10 Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

Check out our latest blog post about Top 10 Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018Video marketing gained immense momentum during the previous year as it was used by both the marketers and consumers actively. About 90% of marketers believe that video content is essential as the attention span of the people is getting shorter day by day. Video marketing is expanding and taking the most of audience’s online activity as every week around 78% people watch videos online and 55% per day.

A Vidyard’s State of Video Marketing study stated that the budget businesses planned for the creation of video content have increased more than two-thirds.

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Here are the key trends that will dominate video advertising in 2017:

1) Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Will Become Mainstream

With Pokémon Go, marketers now know that people are prepared for augmented reality experiences, thus video advertising will become considerable experiential more so with the help of Google Cardboard and Daydream, products that have made virtual reality more available. YouTube also provides 360-degree video ads. It is anticipated that by the end of 2017, VR and AR will become the norm.

2) Consumers Will Expect Content to Be in Video Format

Marketers have well accepted that videos are necessary if they want to stay ahead in the business. It is backed by the fact that if there is no video on your website regarding your products or services, and then 25% of consumers will no longer be keen to continue with your brand. That is why building consumer experience will be a crucial component. However, you must make sure that your videos have not just graphics but the right content in them because as the competition is increasing, it becomes vital for marketers to bring forth ways so that their brand stands out from the competition.

3) Video Quality Will Trump Video Quantity

As stated above, the competition of video marketing is constantly increasing; it becomes all the more important for marketers to keep the quality of their videos intact. Instead of releasing one video after another, the priority of marketers should be quality because nobody wants to watch a video that has poor-quality. If your video is of poor quality, it will not yield you the results that you seek. That’s why you must invest your money in videos of good quality so that more and more consumers are attracted towards them. It will give you higher engagement and your website will receive excellent results such as higher ROI.

4) Video Will Continue to Become a Larger Piece of the Content Marketing Pie

Considering the increase in demand for video content brands will have to keep a significant amount of their budget for content videos. Although images and text are still prevalent but videos will be the most talked about element of enhancing the consumer experience. But do not worry that a large amount will be required to produce high-end videos as brands are nowadays turning to live video as it is rapidly converting into a means that provides a high level of reach and engagement on social media places such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

5) Brands Will Communicate Via Videos

In marketing plans, email newsletters are still having a major role; however, what will become even more widespread is embedding video into these emails. Videos with creative brand storytelling will be employed to develop consumer relationships, thus boosting the effectiveness of brands as much as possible. It is also noted that newsletters with embedded videos have more open and click-through rates.

Top Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017 – An infographic

Infographic Source: Social Paragon

6) Mobile Will Create More Opportunities

The most rapidly expanding format is mobile video which is apparent from the fact that a quarter of digital ad budgets are allotted to it already. For mobile publishers who want to make mobile formats quicker and effective, Google has rolled out native video ads and this year, additional technological improvements will make mobile video advertising more appealing and inventive as never before. Small businesses will find that mobile video advertising will fit in their budget and advertisers will concentrate on creating native, shareable experiences.

7) Use of More Personalized Videos by Salespeople and PR

The world of video marketing will also see a rise in personalized videos which will assist salespeople to create a personal connection with consumers. This will be highly beneficial as the personalized video will be one of a kind in their inbox and they will be interested in opening it.

8) The Future of Video Advertising is Social

The majority of the consumers are present on social media and that is where marketers will focus their Video ad expenditure. As it was evident from the presidential election that people rely on social networks to receive information and news of which a considerable part was the content that was seen by the people in video format. Also, in order to boost the brand awareness, marketers have taken to social video ads because it is easily shared, extremely appealing and also forms an emotional bond with the viewer. For instance, Facebook (prominent service Facebook Live) gets over two-thirds of global social network ad revenue. Twitter is following its wake by rolling out its ad program to enable content producers to monetize their videos with pre-roll content.

9) More Helpful – How-To Videos

How-to videos have taken the internet by storm, making into a DIY hub. Be it a new recipe or art and craft, these videos have become immensely popular. And marketers will make the most out of it because as consumers constantly keep searching for solutions to their queries and how-to videos are the perfect answer. Also, customers receive a frictionless, easy and quick service when videos are included into the sales methods.

10) Demand for Viewable Impressions Will Rise

With the advent of video marketing, it has become important for brands to measure the performance/impressions of their videos. Furthermore, transparency in video advertising will also develop considerable in 2017.

With the above top 10 marketing video trends available at hand, start working on video marketing strategies to get more traffic & sales. To attain success in your business, video marketing is a colossal opportunity, so don’t miss out on it!

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