Top Digital Marketing Tips For Dentists

A Guide For Getting More Patients

Whether you are just starting your dental practice, or have been in practice for many years, an effective digital marketing strategy is crucial to succeed in your practice.  There are many dental marketing strategies that you can use to succeed but most of you may be wondering about where to start, which online marketing channel to use, how to measure return on investment (ROI), how to target right kind of patients, how to find the best dental marketing company, how to run a successful online dental marketing campaign, right?

  • 92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results. (
  • 72% of consumers, who search for local businesses, end up visiting stores within five miles. (Hubspot)
  • Retargeting can deliver a 700% increase in overall site visitors. (
  • 70% of consumers want to learn about products through content as opposed to traditional ad methods. (

Here are some of the most effective digital marketing techniques that dentists can adopt into their business: 

Dental Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search engine optimization allows your website to feature a higher rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing which brings your more traffic, calls, and sales. It is so effective that digital marketing for dentists would not be complete without the right kind of SEO strategy.

In addition to being effective, SEO is also one of the most economical ways of marketing. Follow these top SEO trends 2020 to get better results on search engines. Your webmaster optimizes your website for search terms that show clear buyer intent which is what makes SEO so effective for dental businesses.

Social Media Marketing


You can’t ignore social media marketing when you want to build a brand or enhance digital marketing for your dental practice. It is difficult to lead all social media sites when it comes to the creation of content. However, every social media site has different user demographics and you have to decide which accounts are the most valuable to your business as far as your target market is concerned. Your business will get more exposure to the more content you produce.

Manage accounts on all social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & more. You can specifically hire an employee to manage them or outsource the task to a Social Media Manager. It is recommended to focus only on a few social media accounts and produce quality content for them. It is difficult and overwhelming to create content for all of your social media accounts simultaneously. Post content regularly and you will be able to grow any account gradually. You will see positive results if you continue to produce content on a regular basis.

Paid Advertising  – Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid advertising is another way if you want rank fast on search engines. You specify certain search terms and pay Google when you get clicks on your website using those search terms. But due huge competition in the market, you need to develop right kind of paid marketing strategies. Check out our top PPC techniques for 2020 to get impressive results. 

Web Design – User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) 

Your website is the most important marketing channel were you can showcase your skills, specialties, offer discounts; share your previous case studies, make online bookings and much more. In order to beat your local competitors, you must pay attention to the basic elements of your website. Your website must be highly responsive i.e. it should render on all devices from smartphones to laptops. It should have a better user interface (UI) and amazing user experience (UX) to make it easy for user to access your website.

Review Generation

online reviews for dentists

Most consumers read reviews before making a decision to buy a product or service. Ensure that you are spending your time and money in the right direction and you can know that by taking a quick look at what people are saying about that particular product or service. Binary Fountain, the leading online reputation management platform for enterprises, healthcare organizations and small and medium-sized businesses in a survey mentions, “95% of Americans find online doctor reviews reliable”. You can have a few positive benefits if you generate reviews for your business. Firstly it will create social proof. Secondly, if your reviews are positive, it will show people have already used and are satisfied with your service. It will serve as social proof that your business is providing good service.

Inbound Marketing Or Outbound Marketing

The procedure of involving potential patients with content produced by your practice, which will lead them back to your business is called inbound marketing. In outbound marketing, you find potential patients and compete with other practices for their business.

Your dental marketing efforts will be in either of the two categories – inbound or outbound marketing and inbound marketing is considered to be more effective than outbound marketing.

Consumers Prefer Contact Via Email Over Direct Mail

One of the most effective marketing channels is email. Use the preferred method of communication of your patients and the success of your campaign will increase. You can run email marketing campaigns to target your previous, current or abandoned patients.  

Success Rates Are Easy To Measure

Traditional dental advertising, such as running an advertisement in your local newspaper is tricky because of the difficulty in determining the number of people who see it actually. Because of this limitation, gauging the effectiveness of these methods is difficult. The exact opposite is true for digital marketing efforts that are easy to monitor and very effective. You can view statistics such as website traffic and know what pages people visited, their referral source, and which device is used to access your site. You can target those user with best online marketing techniques. 

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