Top Ecommerce Platform Features That Retailers Can Leverage To Improve Sale

Retailors might be underutilizing ecommerce platform features that, if used properly, can leverage to help increase sales.

Some of the key strategies are summarized below:

  • User experience enhancements: This category provide methods that the retailers to advance shopper experience including forming multi-language websites, customer groups for B2B shoppers, and allowing unlimited user accounts.
  • Business enhancements: Retailers have to do some tasks so that they keep their online stores run efficiently. Fortunately, all three ecommerce platforms have features, for example, Facebook & Google shopping integration and tax solutions which help retailers handle their workload more professionally.
  • Product-focused features: Merchandise is central for any good online shopping experience. Features including rule-based product recommendations, product alerts, product bundles, and tier pricing allow store owners to have appropriate merchandise front and center, boost the typical order value, and encourage customers to purchase more.
  • Website enhancements: Most shopping platforms allow website improvements including landing page creation, metadata enablement, site search that can be modified, and the capacity to form various websites and stores, all of which can assist customers to find your merchandise while guaranteeing their shopping times are relevant and targeted.

Focusing On Your Users’ Experience

Research shows that customers leave their online carts without buying anything, and poor user experience is a major reason behind this. If online shoppers are compelled to make an account, shipping costs are high, and an excessively difficult checkout method is provided then it will discourage users from making any purchase. Enhancing user experience can solve the issue of cart abandonment.

Retailors can also form customer groups and this UX-focused feature will allow targeted custom content depending on particular sections. It is ideal for B2B retailers to have wholesale pricing. Adding Google and Amazon payment gateways is another key usability feature. Make your checkout process easier for the shoppers. Your conversion rates will be devastated by the complicated checkout. When there aren’t many payment methods available, it results in cart abandonment.

Focusing On Your Business

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Some features such as running shopping ads on external websites, forming unrestricted admin accounts, and forming automated tax calculations can assist online store owners to make business functions more efficient. Customers use Facebook and Google to find products. Listing your merchandise on these critical platforms to have a substantial effect on sales. These platforms have inbuilt standard integrations that feed into each particular platform’s ad products automatically. Retailers can automate product feeds which will save them a lot of time when they advertise merchandise on Google and Facebook. It will also make sure that product listings are up-to-date and match the available inventory.

For large stores, the capacity to form multi-user accounts is another helpful business feature. This allows retailers to have workforce from appropriate departments who might require access to the ecommerce platform. Lastly, a primary concern for retailers is tax calculations by territory. Retailers should collect a list of apps having tax calculation features which will help handle tax calculations properly

Focusing On Your Products


Your merchandise has the main role in your online store. Add features such as rule-based product recommendations, product alerts, product bundling, and tier pricing that can help showcase your merchandize, grow repeat sales, increase the average order value, and motivate customers’ shoppers to purchase more.

Explore these four features and be a game-changer. However, a standout feature in this category is product recommendations. Product recommendations can increase average order value and upsurge your store profit by a huge margin.

Focusing On Your Website

User experience, business management, and the showcasing of products are a must website enhancement features. But, website enhancement features come under the field of website development and design. They consist of the capacity to design site search, form custom landing pages, facilitate metadata so your merchandize and site can be indexed properly by search engines, and the capability to make numerous websites and stores. Like all other features, website enhancement features differ depending on the type of ecommerce platform that you’re using.

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