Top Surprising Words That Get Content Shared On Social Media

If you are thinking, how important can words be to increase traffic to your website, think again. Words that you use in your content or whatever you write go a long way to determine how much social media traffic you will be receiving. Take Facebook as an example. If you want more people to be engaged in your posts then use words like “when,” “tell us,” and “discounts.” These words will help you get more traffic and hence, more likes and shares to your site. But if you use words like “promotion,” or “contest”, the effect will be just the opposite.


Words are important no matter what you do and why should social media be any different. You must use persuasive words that are needed for a good impact on your visitors. Certain words hold more power than other words and influence our decision making process. To make use of them, you must have a clear understanding of their meanings. You must also know how to work with them to get the best response.

To help you settle on the words which are beneficial to your site or business and those that you should avoid using on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ & more, here is a list of the most used or abused words to guide you.

Words to Use on Facebook to get more comments, shares and likes:

  • Post
  • When, Where
  • Warns
  • Discount
  • Would, Should
  • Submit
  • Inspires
  • Take
  • Tell us
  • Comment
  • Amuses
  • Deals

While running a Contest or Promotion, use words that are positive like:

  • Winner
  • Win
  • Winning
  • Events

Avoid the following words as they are aggressive and repel people:

  • Contest
  • Promotion
  • Sweepstakes
  • coupon

Best Words for Twitter:

  • Free
  • Social Media, Follow, Social, Media
  • Twitter, ReTweet
  • Help
  • New Blog Post, Post, Blog
  • Top
  • Check out
  • Please
  • How to
  • Great

For LinkedIn, here are the words you should use more often:

  • Created, Improved, Developed
  • Researched
  • Increased, Reduced
  • Accomplished
  • Won
  • On time
  • Under budget

Avoid these to stand out:

  • Responsible, Organizational
  • Expert, Innovative
  • Strategic, Analytical
  • Creative
  • Driven
  • Effective
  • Patient

For Google+ avoid the following words for a better impression:

  • Use
  • Share
  • Promote
  • Create
  • Discover
  • Increase


It may be hard to believe that just by changing a few words can open doors to more people or that it may, in any substantial way, affect your traffic, but it does. Use the words that have a positive effect on your visitors and you will notice a change in your traffic within a short time.

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