Top Web Design & UI/UX Trends To Watch For

The interactive and visual elements for all apps and websites are designed by UI designers. And looking good is not sufficient but they should be comprehensive, accessible, and spontaneous as well. Designers especially website development company web design San Diego make all kinds of technology easy and visually appealing. Web design and UI/UX trends continue to evolve to keep up with the changing conditions in the digital world.

The following are the top UI/UX and web design trends for this year.

1. Dark Mode Design

Many users right now are trying ‘dark mode’ on applications including email which is why websites are creating designs with a dark art. The dark mode is becoming popular, and perhaps in demand because dark interfaces provide bright accents and easy to read typography to ensure readability. The hot trends include bold letters, neon colors, white block letters, and graceful gold color calls to action with animation.

2. Minimalism

It is a trend that remains strong but develops constantly. Minimalism also knew as “flat design”, has been associated with vast strips of white space. The simple design helps in easier navigation, puts people at ease, and leads them to be active on an app, website, or other digital platforms and are likely to become regular visitors.

3. Aesthetic Illustrations

Sections having signs of animation and line-style drawing remain popular. This web and UI design trend is admired and desired as it is creative, eye-catching, and natural. There is a huge range of artistic elements that are bold and imaginative. Each illustration seems as if it was drawn on the screen. Narrate a story with animation – line-style and simple illustrations. Illustrations are equally creative and the basic design keeps the focus on the story.

4. Breaking Rules In Typography


Web designers tried to break all conventional typography rules. The way to make this trend work is that even after bending the rules, including odd sizing, spacing, or even line spacing, a user still has to get what you’re trying to say. The trend proved strong and something that will be staying for some time. Maxi typography can be so maximized that designers would split words into several lines.

5. Liquid Animation

There is a category of animation that is present on nearly all websites. The trend is a liquid-style animation having some sort of movement, making it look like water. It is best suited for complete scenes in which video elements are transitioned, the way general animation that appeals to users, and gets more clicks. Movement speed is the trick for this to work. It should be fluid, timed perfectly, and smooth providing the most realistic feel. The great thing about this design is that you could use it numerous ways to create an interface that works with the content.

6. Mixing Realism And Illustration

This website design trend is a blend of art with cool photos and illustrations. It combines illustrations with real images as well as art elements creatively. It is exceptional, peculiar, and stunning! Initially, it might look like a mixture of visual elements that don’t even match in any way but when done properly could become a spectacular aesthetic that’s highly pleasant and engaging.

7. Organic Shapes

Last year was all about geometric shapes but organic shapes are a big website design trend this year. Whatever does not involve straight lines come under organic or fluid shapes. A wonderful way to break up sections of a website without harsh lines or angles is the fluid shapes. They can be used in the background, as circles used by Android behind products on their homepage.

8. Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation

Source: nutritionaloutlook

Responsive design is a must. Your site needs to function properly and easily on mobile devices. However, web design is now focussing on developing sites that are thumb-friendly. Web pages are scrolled using the thumb and your site should be easier to use with the help of thumb.

9. Text-Only Hero Images

Newspapers keep their most important information “above the fold” to increase sales. This section for a website is called the “hero section.” The latest trend to seek the attention of users who see several web pages daily is to remove the regular background image in the hero section and changing them with striking typography having a bold and unique font.

10. Data Visualization

It is important to communicate data engagingly. Use data visualization to create images out of your data that involve your reader and interest them enough to know more about your brand. Bring data to life with the use of infographics and graphs.

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