Triggered Email Marketing Gets Higher Conversion and Sales

Triggered emails are the forms of email marketing messages which are sent automatically based on an event or a date.  Triggered emails enable marketers to deliver relevant, timely, and personalized messages automatically to prospects based on their immediate interests. Automated triggered emails are an excellent way to build subscriber engagement. It not only increases email performance but also conversation rates. Once set up, triggered email campaigns reach out to individuals or customers very efficiently and easily and prospects throughout the sales cycle. Please call us at 619.567.9322 to know more about Triggered email marketing and other internet marketing strategies or contact us today for a FREE Consultation now! 

What are Triggered Emails?

Triggered email is a message that is automatically sent in response to a key action by a customer or a prospect. For example, when a customer signs up for a company’s email newsletter, a welcome message is automatically sent to them. Thank you emails, order confirmation, birthday wishes and so on are some examples of triggered emails. As triggered emails are based on a customer’s action, they tend to outperform other types of email marketing messages.

Triggered marketing campaigns are also known as event based marketing and achieve real step change, increase in response rate and consequently produce significant return on investments.


Customer Events:

Customer events are the interaction that customers make with an organization or service related events which affect them. These events act as strong indicators of intentions, desires and needs. They generally fall into three categories

  • Customer life events like birthdays, home move, a baby and change in marital status.
  • Behavioral triggers like customer opening a new account, changes in purchasing patterns, browsing particular sections of a website and changes in account values. These can be indicators of purchase intentions and attrition of changes in customer life cycle and value.
  • Brand experience events like poor service which have a disproportionate impact on customer perception of the brand. Multiple negative events of this kind are precursors to brand switching.

The best indicators are often combinations of customer events over time than a single click on a website. These patterns can be successfully used to drive highly targeted personal and relevant communication and sales. In few cases poor service events can be converted to revenue generating opportunities as the customer is receptive to communication.

The major problem with triggered email marketing is the ability to act upon them operationally. With the help of web channels, personal emails and text based communications, the cost of servicing and promoting to customers have changed fundamentally as it is a straight forward matter to automate personal actions.

Triggered Email Marketing Proposition:

When a company puts in place a marketing program that responds to customer actions and desires in seconds while they are still on the website, their customers get delighted and feel good. In case you specialize in services like online brokerage, you can identify when customers are having a bad day on the stock market or having a good day and thereon makes time an optimal for an up sell promotion. This approach can be effective since it is directly relevant to customer’s circumstances at that moment in time. There are companies that engage in such programs that yield real step change improvements in customer response rates, thanks to the highly scalable triggered email marketing that eliminate traditional barriers to flexible, real time direct marketing. Call us at  619.567.9322 for a FREE consultation now!


Image Source: Kissmetrics

Example of Triggered Emails: 

One of the examples of triggered emails is the Mailchimp Automation. Mailchimp is the most popular platform for email marketing. They recently launched new marketing automation features which bring them into direct competition with big SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing automation companies like Insfusionsoft, Sugar CRM, SalesForce, Exacttarget, HubSpot and Marketo.

MailChimp Automation enables you to create a targeted series of emails that are send out when triggered by a specific date, event, or subscriber’s activity. Mailchimp Automation Builder features powerful scheduling, segmenting and design tools in one easy-to-use package that can be used to send emails that inform, reward and engage your subscribers automatically. A regular campaign can be send to your subscribers depending on the time you choose. Emails are sent automatically to specific subscribers as they meet your trigger and sending criteria with an Automation workflow. Once the subscriber receives the first email in a workflow, they’ll always receive every email in the series and sequence until they are removed from the workflow. You can also edit triggers for any email in your Automation workflow but you need to pause your sending.


In case you have gaps in your email outreach to prospects and customers, a more robust triggered email program is the ultimate solution. Let us help your business grow successfully with  triggered email marketing or other types of internet marketing strategies. Please call us at 619.567.9322 or contact us for a FREE Consultation now! 


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