How Uber Like on Demand Marketplaces are Changing the World?

Uber like mobile apps are revolutionizing the lifestyle of people with the use of just an app on your smartphone, whether it’s getting your house cleaned, calling the doctor when sick, taking advice from a chef, personal shopper, florist and etc. These on demand mobile ecommerce marketplaces enable thousands of individual suppliers that offer products/services to connect to millions of customers worldwide with a single click.


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As new apps are becoming more personalized, the technologists are designing app ideas are addressing specific needs of people at the local demographics level.  For instance, grocery shopping has already become popular, easier and delightful. These applications are growing in leaps and bounds since they were first launched, and are constantly striving to improve. Technologists have designed such applications, developed, and launched them successfully for Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry and Microsoft Windows. It is their firm belief that performance should be considered a key driver in the design process as it is a crucial contributor to providing a dependable mobile app user experience. Mobile applications need to focus on a core utility, and need to be fast and reliable in order to be valuable. The expectations of consumer from mobile apps are increasing but, fulfilling these expectations doesn’t just happen – it takes a conscious effort throughout every stage of the design and development process to get it right.

The tech scientists are keeping the apps up to date and are continuously developing new features to make the app compatible with the latest devices. For example, Washio is for calling someone to do the laundry, Sprig and SpoonRocket cook your dinner and Shyp will mail things out so you don’t have to brave the post office. Heal sends a doctor on a house call, while Saucey will rush over alcohol. Zeel delivers a massage therapist (complete with table). Heal sends a doctor on a house call, while Saucey will rush over alcohol. And by Jeeves, cutesy names are part of the schtick—Dufl will pack your suitcase and Eaze will reup a medical marijuana supply. There are several applications coming out for the grocery shopping as well which are already a hit in the market!

There are certain questions that arise with the growing numbers of these apps. And the most prominent one cannot be neglected. Can tech companies really offer better experiences than the flower shop or dry cleaner down the street, while taking a cut for themselves? Not necessarily! Quality control will be a challenge when the supervisor will just be software.

Despite all these hesitations, these app advancements promise one thing; the future will be the extreme personalization of products and services for many people as each and every chore will have its own app and the services can arrive at the doorstep of the people in as little as 10 minutes. But the best thing about these applications will be that many senior citizens can make their lives easy by utilizing these apps and also for a physically disabled person, some of these concierge services could immensely come in quite handy.

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